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All About Bamboo Fabric

What is Bamboo Fabric?

How is Bamboo Fabric?

Does Bamboo Fabric Make You Sweat?

Bamboo Fabric’s Features

Bamboo Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Bamboo Fabric Flexible?

Does Bamboo Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Bamboo Fabric Keep You Warm?

The unique feature of bamboo, which has a light texture, is that it gives coolness. At the same time, bamboo provides air permeability and absorbs moisture. Thanks to this feature, it is used in fabrics as a type of fabric suitable for use in summer, giving comfort and coolness. All about Bamboo fabric will be explained below.

The bamboo fabric, which is bright enough not to require mercerization, also refracts ultraviolet rays. It also has antibacterial properties. Thanks to the kun substance in the bamboo fabric, it does not cause allergies on the skin.

What is Bamboo Fabric?

 width=Bamboo fabric consists of a white thin thread thanks to its natural structure. Although the bamboo fabric used in organic clothing is very thin, it is quite resistant to wear and tear. Bamboo fabric is very suitable for knitting or weaving processes. Bamboo yarn can also be used by mixing it with other types of yarn. It looks shiny when painted. This type of yarn is frequently used especially in bathrobes and bath towels.

How Is It?

It absorb and show the dye much more than cotton and viscose fabrics. Although there is no color restriction in the products, the colors used are usually more pastel due to their nature. Bamboo fabric, on the other hand, has a flexible structure.

Does It Make You Sweat?

It absorbs body sweat faster than cotton fabric. Moreover, Bamboo fabric is natural and grows without the need for pesticides or fertilizers. Bamboo, a plant that grows and regenerates very quickly in nature, is very respectful to the environment as it does not leave any polluting waste in its production. It does not harm the skin as no chemicals are used while growing.


– Since there is an antibacterial substance called kun in it, it has natural antibacterial properties. It retains this feature even after many washings.

– Fibers made from bamboo have a high degree of elasticity.

– Since it has natural antibacterial properties, it does not cause allergic formations on the skin.

– It is frequently used in summer clothes because it gives a feeling of coolness and is light.

– Also, it is the type of fabric that gives the closest feeling of softness to silk and cashmere.

– It absorbs the moisture formed in the body instantly and does not sweat.

– In addition, it is a very soft fabric type compared to cotton fabric.

– Allows the body to breathe thanks to its air permeability.

– It has the ability to absorb paint very well.

– Although it is very thin, it is highly resistant to wear.

– Helps reduce ultraviolet (UV) rays.

– It does not require mercerization process thanks to its glossy appearance.

– It is a durable product.

– Sold as yarn or fabric.

Usage Areas

People use it mainly for making organic clothing. In addition, it is frequently used in the production of bath towels and bathrobes. These fabrics, which are very suitable for use in summer, do not sweat, do not cause allergies and are very durable products.

Is It Flexible?

It is a type of fabric that is flexible, comfortable, light and cool. Since pesticides and fertilizers are not used in the production of it they are natural products. Thanks to this feature, they do not harm the skin and are healthy products. With the spread of organic clothing, the interest in it started to increase.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

It does not shrink when washed. But for this, you need to wash these products by hand and at low temperatures. You should wash your bamboo clothes by hand in cold water with detergent as much as possible to ensure that your clothes do not lose their elasticity.

Does It Keep You Warm?

It is known for its ability to keep people cool. For this reason, it is mostly preferred in summer clothes. Products made with a mixture of bamboo and other fabrics can have a feature that keeps people warmer.

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