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All About Brocade Fabrics

What is Brocade Fabric?

How is Brocade Fabric?

Does Brocade Fabric Make You Sweat?

Brocade Fabric’s Features

Brocade Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Brocade Fabric Flexible?

Does Brocade Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Brocade Fabric Keep You Warm?

From past to present, fabric has existed among the elements that make up the most important part of human life. In this sense, it maintains its importance from the past to the present. In this sense, the type of brocade fabric is also of great importance. All about Brocade fabrics will be explained below.

Brocade fabric has taken its place among the fabric types that have an important usage area for many years. In this sense, it has the feature of being a fabric of great importance.

What is Brocade Fabric?

brocade fabricBrocade fabrics are a woven fabric with a raised flower or mixed figure design, which has been in use since ancient times and was inserted during the weaving process on jacquard looms, mostly through a jacquard connection. In fact, “brocade” means silk fabric with gold or silver embroidery.

How is Brocade Fabric?

The pattern is visible only on the front of the brocade fabric, and these patterns are mostly made in satin or twill weave. It is a very beautiful fabric type and has the quality of being a fabric produced by weaving with warp and weft threads of different colors and mostly different materials.

Brocade fabric type is a fabric in which patterns are created during weaving by sticking or pushing the pattern yarn between the warps. In brocade designs with special threads, a normal weft transition is mixed between skipping over a certain number of warp threads and arranging the jump by means of pre-arranged wedges for each type of pattern.

There are three different types of brocade fabric:

– Cotton brocade,

– Silk brocade,

– Zari brocade

Does Brocade Fabric Make You Sweat?

Brocade fabrics have models designed for summer. In this respect, products using brocade fabric, which has a summer-specific design, do not create a very sweaty effect. However, it may be beneficial to prefer skirt or trousers models for products containing brocade fabric.


– It is a very stylish looking fabric.

– Also, it was used between the 16th and 17th centuries because it represented the nobility.

– People can prefer it on special days.

– People should prefer dry cleaning for cleaning.

– Mainly used in women’s clothing.

– It is important to iron at low temperatures during ironing.

– Brocade fabric can be used to cover modern furniture other than clothes.

– There are varieties of brocade fabric that can be worn both in summer and in winter.

Usage Areas

Brocade fabric is mostly used in garment making and home decor. Brocade fabric, which has a medium weight, is used in tailoring, especially in the sewing of structured fancy jackets, skirts or dresses, trousers and evening wear.

The patterns on the brocade fabric give a rich look to anything made with this fabric. It is also used to cover high-end furniture. In addition, it has the quality of being a fabric that is used a lot in the production of headboards, wallets, bags, curtains, draperies, upholstery, wedding dresses and vests.

Is Brocade Fabric Flexible?

Brocade fabric has the feature of being a type of fabric with a very low flexibility.

Does Brocade Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Brocade fabric is not among the type of fabric that is very resistant to water. In this regard, dry cleaning method is mostly recommended for cleaning products such as clothes or curtains produced using brocade fabric.

Does Brocade Fabric Keep You Warm?

Brocade fabric type has models designed for winter. These models have a feature that keeps people warm in cold times of winter.

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