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Curtain Types &Importance in Decoration

Curtains and tulle, which look like details but are one of the essential elements of a house, are significant in the comfort of the time spent at home. We can classify curtain types as fabric curtains and mechanical curtains structurally. Mechanical blinds also vary as roller blinds, zebra, blinds, and vertical blinds.

Before moving on to the house’s parts, one should consider whether to choose classical fabric and tulle curtains or mechanical curtains when choosing curtains. These two curtain types are pretty different from each other in terms of both visual pleasure and usage.

Things get a little easier if the fabric curtain is decided on because the only thing to do is take measurements after deciding on the color and model. If mechanical curtain types are to be preferred, there are points to be considered.

Mechanical Curtain Types

There are many types of mechanical curtains. One of them is roller blinds. These curtain types can be used as sunshades under tulle or can use alone. There are roller blinds in many colors and patterns. Recently, roller blinds have become a widely preferred product.

 width=When buying a kitchen curtain, it is basically because the roller blind is named zebra curtain because of its wide striped pattern. Its popularity is gradually increasing with its practical use and stylish stance. Patterned zebra blinds are being used more and more.

Another type of mechanical curtain is folded curtains. Folded curtains can produced from any fabric. Even for this reason alone, it is a candidate to be one of the integral parts of decoration. In addition, there are two types of folding curtains, with and without rods.

The primary material of jalousie curtains is thin and long materials called slides. Due to the curved shape of the slides, there is the possibility of directing the light. Venetian blinds are also available with wooden slides. Blinds with wooden slides can also be suitable for use in homes.

Another type of mechanical curtain is vertical curtains. This type of curtains preferred in offices and workplaces rather than households. It can made not only from fabric but also from PVC. Those made of PVC are a little more useful. Because we can direct the light using them.

Length in Curtain Selection

 width=“I love long curtains; the curtain in my house will be long.” You need to do something before you can make precise sentences, like examining whether your home’s style fits this decision. This is one of the things to consider when choosing curtains. Because the curtain is important in the decoration style, you want to reflect in your home. For example, if you have designed your home in the direction of country decoration, you can choose long curtains with peace of mind. However, if you have a home that reflects minimalist decoration, we can say that long curtains are not a suitable choice. Instead, you can choose roller blinds. In the meantime, let’s remind you that you should take the size of your windows and choose the size of your curtains and tulle accordingly. If you wish, you can get help from a curtain manufacturer at this stage.

Fabric Selection in Curtain Types

If you are going to use curtains and tulle only to prevent your home from being seen from the outside and to contribute to your decoration, it is not a problem. But we know that this will not be the only thing you expect from the products you want to buy. For example, you can choose long-lasting tulle and curtain types. Your expectation from the curtain may be that it prevents daylight from entering and provides you with a healthy sleep. You should make sure that the curtain you want to buy has a type of fabric that can meet these demands. There is a possibility that the sun’s rays may melt some fabrics after prolonged use. In the meantime, if your rooms are getting a lot of suns, you can consult an expert on fabric selection.

Color and Model Selection Suitable for Decoration

“How should I get curtains?” In addition to the decoration style you adopt in your home, the color of your furniture and wall also answers questions: For example, if you choose a curtain with the same color as your wall, your curtain will not contribute to the decoration of your home. For this reason, you can choose curtain types that can contrast with the color of your walls and create a more striking decoration.

You can get your curtains a few tones lighter or darker than the color of your seats. In addition, you can use your preference for curtains that will adapt to the fabric pattern of your furniture or seat cushions. For example, if you have a living-colored sofa set filled with checked pillows, the curtain you choose can also checked.

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