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BuyFromTurkey is a company that guides people who will invest in Turkey and those who do business with Turkey. Now it has started to serve in the field of real estate investment and consultancy. The goal of our company in this field is to be the most reliable reference for people who want to live in Turkey or who will buy real estate for investment purposes.

All people want to find beautiful and affordable apartments. However, there is a lack of trust and transparency in the real estate sector. As BuyFromTurkey, we are working to close this gap. With our long years of experience in the real estate and construction sectors, we also provide architectural services with our brand “Bahçeli Müstakil Evler“. And what’s more, we aim to reflect this experience in our consultancy services. For this reason, we strive to provide the highest quality and most reliable service to those who invest in real estate.

Stages of Our Counseling Service

BuyFromTurkey will be with you at all stages when you buy real estate from Turkey.

First of all, we will welcome our customers who have decided to invest and come to our country for this purpose, at the airport. We will accompany the customers until all the procedures are completed. We also provide a hotel where he or she can stay safe while the procedure continues. We will investigate your eligibility to acquire property with our staff, who have knowledge of the legal process.

There are some rules that foreigners must comply with when acquiring property in Turkey. BuyFromTurkey will help you decide between immovables that comply with the restrictions and regulations.

 Before foreigners buy real estate, it is also necessary to obtain permission from the military authorities in the region. If the said real estate is located within the security zone, it will not be possible to sell to foreigners. In this regard, we guide our customers in the necessary permission procedures.

According to the current legislation in Turkey, official contracts aiming at the transfer of immovable property must be made at the Land Registry Offices where the immovable is located. We will accompany you to the Land Registry Offices. And we will ensure that your necessary registration procedures are completed.

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