Category: Health&Medical Industry

Jun 13
Turkey Specializing in Hair Transplantation!

Hair loss, loss of hair mass and baldness mainly concern men, even if it can also…

Jun 13
What is Oxygen Concentrator and How Is It Used?

An oxygen concentrator (sometimes known as an “oxygen generator”) is a…

Jun 10
Covid-19 Vaccine Comparison of 4 Products

Here is a comparison of 4 Covid-19 Vaccines Europe is administering four vaccines to…

Jun 08
Living with Diabetes: Diet, Sport, Work

Sometimes one may ask: How to live with diabetes? For many newly diagnosed diabetics,…

Mar 10
Turkey Provides Medical Assistance To More Than 30 Countries

Since the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Turkey has been playing the card of…

Mar 10
The History of Soap

In Mesopotamia, first traces of soap recipe In ancient Egypt, people took perfumed…

Mar 09
COVID-19: Turkey’s Position In The Face Of International Demand For Masks

Turkey decided on March 4th to subject the export of disinfectants and protective…

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