Category: Textile Industry

Sep 19
History of Silk

Discovery of Silk How is silk produced? How does silkworm produce silk? What is Silk…

Aug 15
Safety Shoes Chosing and Standards

  Safety is one of the most critical issues in business life. The slightest…

Aug 11
Yarn Production in Turkey

What is Yarn? Yarn Production in Turkey Yarn Export from Turkey to the World Turkish…

Jun 15
Clothing Industry in Turkey

The clothing industry in Turkey is one of the locomotive sectors for the country. The…

Jun 11
Home Textile Industry in Turkey

Turkey is among the few countries that come to mind when it comes to textiles…

Jul 28
History Of The Oriental Carpet

The history of the oriental carpet goes very back along and today it is still alive.…

Jul 27
The History Of Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber from the cotton plant and used mainly for the manufacture of…

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