Aerated Concrete Usage Areas

Aerated concrete, which provides versatile contributions to buildings and is the first choice of the modern world as a masonry material, is a lightweight construction material. It is a very porous substance. Aerated concrete contains 70-80% pores by volume. It is a solid material with low density. It is a masonry wall material with the lowest thermal conductivity.

Aerated Concrete Thermal Insulation Board



Thermal insulation board is a wholly mineral-based and non-combustible thermal insulation material. It is one of the most preferred products in Europe for thermal insulation. It ensures that the energy loss minimized.

Aerated concrete thermal insulation board provides excellent thermal properties that keep the heat outside in hot weather and inside in cold weather, and small pores in its structure filled with stagnant air. It also offers high thermal insulation performance with a thermal conductivity calculation value of 0.044 W/mK. It does not lose its thermal insulation property and durability throughout the life of the building.

Thermal insulation board is 100% safe against fire. It classified as “A1 class non-combustible” building material. It provides absolute safety in case of fire, does not emit any toxic gas or smoke even at the highest temperatures. With the aerated concrete thermal insulation board, facades and thermal insulation solutions under fire regulations can formed safely without taking additional precautions, including high-rise buildings, without risk of fire.

Aerated concrete insulation board is completely mineral-based and also open to water vapor diffusion. It does not carry any biological and microbiological defects. Breathing walls provide a healthy living environment in the building by preventing the formation of moisture, mold, fungus, and microorganisms that affect the comfort of life. Even when wet, its durability does not decrease. So, it creates a comfortable indoor environment by providing a balanced temperature and humidity level in the building.

The thermal insulation board produced from natural materials such as sand, lime, cement, and water. It does not contain any substances that cause environmental pollution and are harmful to human health. Fully recyclable.

Wall Blocks

 width=They used as external and internal filling wall material in building systems such as reinforced concrete, steel, wood, and prefabricated, or as a load-bearing external and internal wall material in masonry structures. They are the most preferred building materials in the construction of firewalls.

Aerated concrete wall slabs  produced in 60 cm length, 25 cm height, and various thicknesses. According to the forehead profile structure; They divided into Single Plug, Double Plug, and Straight wall blocks.

Aerated Concrete Roof Plate

However, it is a building material and a ready-to-assemble building component that can fulfill the versatile properties obtained with the combination of more than one material.

Aerated concrete roof slabs can offer carrier, long life, fire safety, sound insulation, openness to diffusion, and above all, high thermal insulation. Roof elements can applied in any type (flat or pitched roof), any shape (such as gable roof, hipped roof, shed roof), and any roof covering (such as ventilated-cold roof or non-ventilated-warm roof).

Floor Plate

They are ready-to-assemble building components. The said elements have a maximum carrying capacity at the time of delivery. Floor slabs, which can be produced in various thicknesses and also lengths, allow floors with different bearing capacities.

Aerated concrete floor slabs contribute to the rigidity of the building as they can also meet horizontal loads if a suitable application made. They are load-bearing structural elements used to form roofs or floors on wooden, concrete, or steel supports of masonry and carcass structures.

Pocketed Light Holster

It is a light filling material for reinforced concrete hollow blocks. Pocketed Light Hollow Hole allows the production of light, earthquake resistant, and economic constructions like other aerated concrete products.

Hollow filler increases building comfort by providing sound and heat insulation on floors. Due to its easily cut structure, it does not create wastage in the application. Due to its void-free structure, Pocket Hollow Filler, which does not fill with concrete, provides concrete savings of up to 15% in floors. Thanks to the smooth surface formed on the flooring, it also saves 30-40% plaster.

Aerated Concrete Jamb

They have reinforced building elements used to provide architectural aesthetics on the edges of doors and windows. According to the project, these non-bearing elements are produced in any desired length and in a wide variety of shapes. Furthermore, jambs easily mounted on walls and lintels with aerated concrete mesh glue and various fastening systems.

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