Teen Room Decoration

During the youth period, which is the most productive period of the person, the design of the teen room is of great importance. When the minds of the young people are both the most reflective and the freshest, the rooms of the young people will be a tool for them to feel productive, accessible, and happy. For this reason, teen room designs are essential. Creating an environment where young people feel more comfortable is one of the greatest gifts given to them. If you want to prepare a room but do not know how to do it, we recommend reading this article.

The Importance of Colors for Teen Room Design

Colors are of great importance for teen room design as well as in all areas of our lives. The color to be chosen in the room may also vary according to the character and taste of the young person who will use the space. If a more dynamic and fun room is desired, one of the room walls can be painted a different color from the other walls. You can design it with fun posters on the other wall. If you want a calmer, more organized room look, you can create a room with light colors such as white.


At the same time, light colors will make the room appear more prominent.  Besides, the dark colors will make the room appear smaller. It would be best if you made color choices depending on the taste of the person you will prepare the space for. At this point, our recommendation is to choose lighter colors. They make the room look big and spacious and increase the productivity of young people. In addition, if the room owner is someone who is easily distracted, you should prefer pastel colors instead of vibrant tones. Moreover, you should design it more simply.

Functional Details in Teen Room Design

When the individual leaves childhood and progresses to adulthood in this active period, it is essential to meet his needs and feel comfortable in his room. These needs; working, resting, listening to music, doing activities, etc., are needs. The room size of each individual may not seem to meet these needs. However making room for the activities you want is not as difficult as you think. For example, if there is room for friends in the teen’s room, you can add an extra bed. Besides, if there is no space, you can put furniture that will not narrow the space.


One of the most critical steps to design a teen room is workspaces. For school-age youth, accessories that will not distract and work-incentive boards and lighting can use. The location of the work area should be close to the window. This allows to benefit from daylight and focus. If this is not possible, lighting should used on the work desk. At the same time, a nightstand should be placed next to the bed to encourage reading. Moreover necessary lighting should added here as well. Lighting is of great importance for the individual to feel safe in his environment.

Considerations for Design

Creating storage areas that will prevent clutter in the rooms of young people due to the mobility in their lives is among the issues to be considered. Storage areas, apart from cabinets, can also be created under bunk beds, bunk ladders, or drawers to save space.

For the teen room decoration, it is of great importance for the young person to reach many uses in the room. It is essential to have these uses feel free in their rooms and meet their every need.

In the teen room design, the parents and the young person who will use the room should have a say. If more than one young person uses the space, separate private areas should be left as much as possible. In this context, poster and panel selections that enliven the room according to the tastes of the young person can also made.

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