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All About Atlas Fabric

1- What is Atlas Fabric?

2- How is Atlas Fabric?

3- Does Atlas Fabric Make You Sweat?

4- Atlas Fabric’s Properties

5- Atlas Fabric’s Usage Areas

6- Is Atlas Fabric Flexible?

7- Does Atlas Fabric Shrink When Washed?

8- Does Atlas Fabric Keep You Warm?

The fabric, which has been used since the 14th century and is also known as satin, is called atlas. It is generally preferred in areas where flamboyance will be kept in the foreground. For this reason, it has taken its place among the iconic symbols in the fashion industry for many years. All about Atlas Fabric will be explained below.

It stands out with its durability and appearance, is designed to attract the attention of everyone who sees it. It is also possible to embroider with gold and silver on these products, which are among the luxury fabric class.

What is Atlas Fabric?

atlas fabric

The type of fabric that is produced using the dense weaving method and silk is chosen as the material is called atlas. They are produced with the aim of keeping the show in the foreground. In addition, they are in the class of rare products that are famous for their durability.

How is Atlas Fabric?

The first thing that comes to mind when it is mentioned is undoubtedly brightness. Atlas fabrics, which have a very smooth and flat surface, are among the successful tools in attracting attention. Since it is a type of silk fabric, it brings comfort. It is usually produced using a single color method and presented to users with simple designs.

Does Atlas Fabric Make You Sweat?

Since Atlas fabrics can be produced using two different materials, sweating may vary. Since the air permeability will be low in the atlas fabrics prepared with silk material in which dense weaving methods are used, sweating will occur. However, atlas fabrics produced from cotton do not cause sweating problems.

Atlas Fabric’s Properties

The most striking feature of Atlas fabrics is undoubtedly its unique shine. Atlas fabrics, which have a smooth and flat structure, also have a very strong structure. Since they are in the luxury fabric class, they bring many advantages with their use. Atlas fabrics made of cotton are almost never tangled and are very easy to iron. They are quite durable as they have a rigid structure. It is among the textile products that create a silky feel and do not stick to the body.

Atlas Fabric’s Usage Areas

The most obvious usage area of ​​Atlas fabrics stands out as the textile sector. It is generally preferred in women’s clothing products, evening dresses, shirts and dresses. It is also among the ideal materials for underwear products, bed linens, nightgowns and jackets.

Is Atlas Fabric Flexible?

Atlas fabrics do not show flexibility because they have a hard and robust structure. However, thanks to the developing textile sector, it can have a lycra structure as a result of combining with various fabrics. The product produced here, the area of ​​use and the material used in production will be the determining factor.

Does Atlas Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Atlas fabrics have a very delicate structure as they are produced using natural methods. For this reason, it is among the fabrics that need to be meticulously washed. They are not suitable for washing in the washing machine. However, in certain cases, it is possible to wash the atlas fabrics in the washing machine with the same product class in line with the standards recommended by the manufacturer. Preferring low temperatures during washing, washing with the same product class and choosing natural drying methods will prevent shrinkage and ensure a longer life.

Does It Keep You Warm?

Atlas fabrics may be suitable for winter use, as a tight and robust weaving technique is used. However, here, the product prepared by the designer and the material used in its production will be the determining factor. If silk is preferred as the material and a dense weaving method is used, atlas fabrics will be suitable products to be used in spring and early autumn.

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