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Among the household appliances used in the kitchen, the blender also called mixer is perhaps the most indispensable. The offer on the market is so varied that it is not easy to make a choice. This is why our consumer portal has written a comprehensive article about blenders available for sale.

What is a blender?

A blender is an electric kitchen appliance; its function is to chop and mix food. Regardless of the type of model, the blender has a motor and one or more blades. Thus, this household appliance is therefore essential in the kitchen for grinding, crushing, mashing, making soups or even smoothies. The blender can also be used to beat and whisk ingredients to obtain a variety of airy culinary preparations, thanks to the rapid rotation of its blade or its whisk.

There are two main types of blenders: the hand-blender and the blender. The hand blender submerges manually into the preparation. So this is the best way to blend soup directly in the pot, for example. As for the blender, with its bowl fixed on a base, it has a generally more powerful motor and is particularly suitable for dry and hard foods such as seeds. It also allows you to make crushed ice!

All About Best Blenders

How does a blender work?

The blender works thanks to its motor, located either in the fixed base (in the case of the blender) or in the handle (in the case of the hand blender). This motor, usually powered by an electrical outlet, drives a blade that rotates at high speed. The blender blade is located in the bottom of a container just above the engine. The ingredients to be blended are placed in this bowl.

A lid prevents food from coming out of the bowl during mixing. Concerning the hand blender, its blade is at the end of the arm which is plunged directly into the preparation to be worked.

The speed of the blade rotation can be varied according to the power of the motor, but also at the touch of a button to obtain the desired consistency for culinary preparation.

The faster the blade rotates, the finer the ingredients are chopped. Also, this high-speed rotation introduces air into the mixture, making the preparations lighter and creamier. According to specialists, the blender is an indispensable utensil in the kitchen.

Advantages and fields of application

The blender is a kitchen utensil which function is to process food by mixing, chopping, grinding or pureeing it. It can be used to make soups, sauces, milkshakes, smoothies, purees, and even minced meat. Also, the blender is an indispensable tool for the preparation of baby food.

Thanks to the mixing process, the cooking time of the food is significantly reduced. Thus, it is a majority of the vitamins that are preserved, unlike cooking fat meals. Equipping yourself with a blender is, therefore, an asset for your health.

The advantage of the hand-blender type is that it can be plunged directly into the preparation, like a soup pot. The use of a hand blender is the best way to emulsify liquids, to make sauces, for example. As for the blender type mixer, it even chops dry food thanks to its more powerful motor. Some multifunctional models also offer the possibility of keeping the preparation warm.

What types of mixers are there?

The hand blender

The hand blender is a two-part removable arm. The handle, with the motor and function buttons, is connected to a long part, terminated by a blade. This part can be replaced by a whisk, depending on the accessories supplied.

The advantage of the hand blender is its practicality. Small and handy, it allows you to mix a preparation directly in the cooking utensil. Its maintenance is quick and easy, thanks to its two removable parts.

Also, there are many models available at very attractive prices. Less powerful than the blender, the disadvantage of the hand blender is that it does not mix dry and raw food. Also, the risk of splashing limits its use. The hand blender is the perfect utensil to prepare a velouté, compote or pancake batter.

The blender

The blender type mixer is equipped with a fixed base in which the motor is located. On this base, the mixing bowl holds the food which is chopped by a blade, driven at high speed by the motor.

On the advantages side, the blender is powerful. It can grind any kind of food: garlic, seeds, meat… The blender is also your best ally to make crushed ice. Also, some models have the “keep warm” function, which can be very practical.

The disadvantage of this type of blender is that it takes up more space and is therefore less easy to use. The maintenance of the blender is also more tedious than that of the hand blender. Nevertheless, the blender is the best utensil for preparing smoothies, mincing meat or dried fruit.

Alternatives to the blender in the kitchen

The blender seems to be an essential element in the kitchen today, but this small electric appliance has not always existed. So, how did our grandmothers mix food without a blender?

There are several manual alternatives to electric mixing, depending on the consistency of the starting ingredients and the desired result. For soft foods such as a ripe banana, a fork or potato masher is sufficient to reproduce the effect of a blender.

However, to chop garlic and onion, you’ll need a blade: use a knife, rocking chopper or wire chopper, which do not require electric current.

For a more elaborate result, the best alternative to a blender is a multifunctional food processor with options such as cooking and kneading. The price range is higher, but this kitchen utensil knows how to be indispensable!

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