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  • What’s a clothes dryer?
  • How does a tumble dryer work?
  • Advantages and fields of application
  • What types of tumble dryers are there?
  • The condenser dryer
  • The evacuation tumble dryer
  • The heat pump tumble dryer
  • What should you pay attention when purchasing a tumble dryer?
  • Alternatives to the tumble dryer

The clothes dryer also called tumble dryer, is a handy household appliance even if it is still not very present everywhere. Indeed, it saves you from the chore of hanging out the laundry and thus cluttering up your living space. This is why we offer you an article about the different tumble dryers on the market.

What’s a clothes dryer?

A tumble dryer is one of the primary household appliances. This appliance is used to remove moisture from laundry that has been previously washed and wrung out and thus dry it.

It is available in several models with different templates, cycles and options. Equipped with a rotating tumbler, this appliance makes it easier and shorter to dry your laundry.

Unlike a washing machine, there is no need to add any product to ensure the proper functioning of this machine. Most of the time, a tumble dryer is equipped with various drying programs that can be adapted to any type of linen (towels, sheets, delicate linen, etc.).


How does a tumble dryer work?

The function of a tumble dryer is to dry laundry after it has been spun. To program drying, use the control panel. Once the program has started, laundry is dried and relaxed in the tumble dryer drum (which is, therefore, larger than that of a washing machine).

Air movement is generated by a turbine, which itself drives a motor. The air is heated by resistance; a filter is responsible for retaining the dead fibres that escape from the laundry. The purpose of this resistor is to control the temperature of the air and possibly cut off the power to the device if it overheats.

Depending on the different models of the dryer, the drying process will not be the same.

A condenser dryer evacuates moisture through a collection tray or directly through a drain pipe (as can be found for the drain of a washing machine), while a dryer -vacuum linen releases hot air through a duct directed to the outside. Finally, the drying time can be adjusted in two ways: mechanically (where you determine the drying time you want) or electronically (where the device itself determines the drying time according to the weight. of the laundry or its humidity).

Advantages and fields of application

Owning a tumble dryer has many advantages. This appliance saves time and space and makes it easier to dry your laundry.

Here is a comparison of the different advantages that a tumble dryer can bring.

Saving time

Most laundries have dryers available. Owning your own device will save you from having to go back and forth to the place, but also from having to wait there for the end of the program. You can do this from home and occupy your time as you wish.

More convenient drying

Spreading laundry by hand can be a long and tedious process. That’s why owning a tumble dryer is very advantageous: No need to spend time hanging each garment by hand, putting everything into the drum of your machine will only take a minute.

Less cluttered space

This does not take up more floor space, while you save the space that would take up a clothesline, often imposing and unsightly when full.

What types of tumble dryers are there?

The condenser dryer

This device works utilizing a heating resistor whose role is to cool the water vapour and thus transform it into liquid. This liquid is evacuated through a drip tray or an evacuation pipe. The condenser dryer, therefore, operates on a closed circuit. Just plug it into an electrical outlet and drain if possible.

Advantages :

It is suitable for an apartment.

It has a wide variety of drying programs.

It is straightforward to install and use.

Disavantages :

It requires cleaning after each use.

Its electricity consumption is high.

The evacuation tumble dryer

This type of appliance works utilizing a resistor that expels the hot and humid air to the outside via an evacuation duct. It is suitable for a house rather than an apartment, as this duct must lead directly outside the house, which means that a hole has to be drilled in the wall.


It is easy to maintain.

Its price is lower than that of other types of dryers.

It has shorter drying programs than the other models


It requires a sequential installation, as the drainpipe is mandatory and subject to size and placement standards.

Its power consumption is high.

The heat pump tumble dryer

This appliance produces water vapour from condensation. This vapour is then recovered by a compressor which transforms it into heat. This is sent into the drum and dries the laundry. This eliminates the resistance required by the previous two models, thus reducing energy consumption. This type of dryer is suitable for both an apartment and a house.

The advantages:

Its low energy consumption.

Its simplicity of use and installation. It preserves your laundry better

The disadvantages:

It requires regular cleaning.

Its purchase cost is higher than that of the other two models.

Its drying time is longer.

What should you pay attention when purchasing a tumble dryer?

Nowadays, there are many models of tumble dryers, so it will be quite possible for you to find a device that will best meet your expectations. It is essential to consider the following points to find the best machine:

The type of device

Depending on whether it is a condenser, evacuation or heat pump dryer, the installation and use of your appliance will not be the same.

Thus, an evacuation device will be more suitable for a house since it requires a drain pipe directed to the outside.

A condensing device is easy to install and adapts very well to an apartment. Finally, a machine with a heat pump can be suitable for both types of housing.

Options and functions

There are different options that you may or may not find in different devices. For example, it can be convenient to have an appliance equipped with the delayed start option, the alternating rotation, or even various programs such as dry iron or put away.

Drum capacity

The capacity of the drum is a criterion to pay attention and to adapt according to the number of people in your household. A drum can generally contain between 7 and 10 kg of laundry depending on the model. A 7 kg model will be perfect for a single person or a couple. Ideally, a family should own a device with a capacity between 8 and 9 kg. Finally, some drums have a load capacity greater than 9 kg: they will be perfect for a large family.

The noise

The sound volume is a criterion to pay attention because the noise of some devices can very quickly become annoying, especially if it runs at night and is in one of the main rooms of your home (for example the kitchen or bathroom).

Alternatives to the tumble dryer

There are few alternatives to the tumble dryer: there’s only two of them. Firstly, the simplest alternative is to hang your laundry, after washing it, on a clothesline. It takes up space in your home, however, and is rather unsightly.

Also, the drying time is quite long, especially for thick fabrics such as sweaters or towels. The second alternative is to go to a launderette, where you can use both washing machines and dryers.

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