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All About Car Insurance

What is insurance? How does automobile insurance protect your vehicle and your budget?

What does insurance do?

What does car insurance include?

Why do you need car insurance?

Benefits of insurance

Car insurance is one of the automobile insurances and its purpose is to cover the damages incurred by the insured’s vehicle. All about car insurance will be explained below.

Insurance covers the damage to the insured’s vehicle, not the damage to the other vehicle. The purpose of vehicle motor insurance is to compensate the damages incurred by the motor vehicle belonging to the insured. For these reasons, traffic insurance protects the other party and third parties, while motor insurance guarantees your vehicle and your budget. In case of accident and damage, you do not have to bear large costs thanks to the motor insurance.

What does insurance do?

The clear answer to the question of what is insurance and what does it do; is to secure both the vehicle owner and the vehicle. Damages that occur when the vehicle is damaged, stolen or someone tries to steal the vehicle are covered by the insurance. Vehicle owners understand the answer to the question of what does automobile insurance mean, with the right to receive money from automobile insurance as much as the value of their vehicle without experiencing any grievances after material damage to their vehicles. It is a type of insurance that protects the benefit of the vehicle owner.

What does car insurance include?

all about car insurance

Insurance is a type of optional insurance. In addition to the standard coverages such as the burning and theft of the vehicle, the insurance coverage can be extended with additional coverage upon the request of the insured. You can determine your insurance policy according to the coverage you need, and you can choose its scope. At the same time, you can easily choose the one that meets your needs among the insurance products for which the insurance companies determine the guarantees. Unless otherwise stated in the policy, the insurance is valid only within the borders of Turkey.

The guarantees within the scope of the standard motor insurance policy are valid only within the borders of the country. In order for the coverages within the scope of automobile insurance to be valid wherever the vehicle is prone to an accident.

Why do you need car insurance?

It is one of the indispensable applications for vehicle safety. Vehicle insurance prevents problems that may occur due to many reasons such as theft, vehicle damage and natural disaster damage. Also, it is a system that covers the damage of the vehicle owner in case of any damage to the vehicles. Although there are many insurance companies and services today, creating the most suitable coverage structure for your needs in motor insurance policies ensures the best protection of your vehicle.

Benefits of insurance

all about car insuranceThe automobile insurance system has many benefits for vehicle owners.

Accidental damage is covered:

Insurance; Like traffic insurance, covers not only the other party’s damages, but also all kinds of damage related to the vehicle. With the insurance system prevents major damages that may occur as a result of an accident.

Wide coverage structure:

You can expand the scope of the insurance by taking additional coverage such as theft, natural event, health problem, and protect yourself for such damages. Also, you can benefit from all the advantages of the insurance with the guarantees you will receive by paying an additional price. You can also get financial support by getting health care as a result of an accident. With this; You can also purchase collateral such as locksmith, loss of keys, accessories, and get collateral in different options.

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