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What is Gabardine Fabric?

How is Gabardine Fabric?

Does Gabardine Fabric Make You Sweat?

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Gabardine Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Gabardine Fabric Flexible?

Does Gabardine Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Gabardine Fabric Make You Warm?

Different fabrics are used in the clothing and textile industry. These fabrics gain value according to the area in which people use it. Gabardine fabric was first introduced by fashion designer Thomas Burberry in 1888. Gabardine fabric, patented by Thomas Burberry, began to be used extensively, especially in sportswear. All about gabardine fabric will be explained below.

What is Gabardine Fabric?


Today, it is used very frequently. And it is preferred especially in the sportswear sector. This fabric is usually produced from fine wool and cotton while being woven frequently. Since it is strong and durable, the material produced can also be quite durable. Also, since they are woven with twill weave, the warp and weft are also known to be tighter. While it is woven, the rigas are thrown on the face of the fabric and on the reverse. Thus they are waterproof.

How is Gabardine Fabric?

It is one of the most famous fabrics worldwide. People know them for their waterproof structure. In addition, it has a characteristic feature. It is very durable and flexible. In addition, top dyeing is done on gabardine fabrics. It is generally produced with varieties such as cotton, wool, bright, tencel and polyester.

Does It Make You Sweat?

It has been very popular in recent years. It is a healthy fabric and people mostly know it as cotton and fine wool. Especially trousers are produced from gabardine, which is a thick and hard fabric. In addition, clothes made of this fabric are usually seasonal. Since it doesn’t burn the body and has a thick structure, it can sweat most of the time. Due to its thick structure, clothes made of it are not preferred much in summer.


It has a characteristic feature and it is very durable. There are also different types of it such as polyester, cotton and tencel gabardine. Production is made by using different wefts and yarns from it according to the product characteristics. All clothes made of it must be sent to dry cleaning.

Usage Areas

It has a sensitive structure. People use it in the clothing industry and home textiles. This fabric, which is mostly used in the clothing industry, produces clothes such as trousers and aprons that should be durable. Clothes made of it are also very durable.

Is It Flexible?

Known for its thick structure, it is not flexible. Since it is hard woven, people also know them for their inflexibility. They have a characteristic feature, have a waterproof feature. Therefore, when a waterproof outfit is preferred, it must be produced from it.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

It has different types. When it comes to gabardine fabric, the first ones that come to mind are cotton and fine woolen fabrics. Thick and hard gabardine fabrics don’t shrink because they have a dense seam. Only these gabardine fabrics must be dry cleaned. Clothes made of it washed in the washing machine are also likely to shrink.

Does It Keep You Warm?

People know it for its tight weave and they wear it usually in the winter season. These gabardine fabrics, which keep the body warm, sweat a lot. Due to its structure, these gabardine fabrics don’t burn the body but sweat. That’s why people don’t prefer it in summer. People prefer to wear it in order to keep themselves warm in the winter season. Lastly, they don’t prefer to wear it in summer because it has a thick and full structure.

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