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All About Healthy Eating

Why should we eat healthy?

Food groups in terms of the similarities of the nutrients they contain

Should everyone eat the same thing?

Basic healthy eating rules

Benefits and harms

Healthy eating is the intake of all nutrients at the right place, at the right time and in sufficient quantity for the body to live, develop and perform the necessary activities. All nutrients are proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, vitamins and water. Insufficient intake of all necessary elements to the body is called unbalanced nutrition. All about healthy eating will be explained below.

Nutrients provide growth and strength, give energy to the body. The foods we eat have different importance and benefits for our body. Meat, milk, eggs provide growth and development. Foods such as oil, jam and honey give the power and energy necessary for the movement of the body. Vegetables and fruits provide the body with vitamins. Vitamins prevent illness. A balanced diet is eating enough of all the nutrients that are beneficial for our body.

A healthy diet is the intake of adequate amounts of nutrients necessary for the body’s growth, development and continuity of daily functions.

Food groups in terms of the similarities of the nutrients they contain

all about healthy eating

1) Milk, yoghurt, cheese group: Foods in the group consisting of milk and dairy foods are rich in protein, animal fats, calcium, phosphorus, B2, B1, A vitamins.

2) Meat, eggs and legumes group: Foods in this group, which consists of foods such as red meat, chicken, fish, eggs, dried beans, chickpeas, lentils, are the main source of protein, and also contain fat, B vitamins, iron and zinc.

3) Fresh vegetables and fruits group: Foods in this group are sources of calcium, iron, magnesium and some other minerals, vitamins such as A, B, C, E, folic acid for the body.

4) Grain group: It is the main energy source with the carbohydrates it contains, and it also contains B group vitamins.

Nutrition is not just about eating the foods you are hungry for or quenching the feeling of hunger. You can also soothe the feeling of hunger with a piece of bagel or a sugary drink; but you wouldn’t be nurtured that way; however, you will only bypass your body’s nutritional needs.

Should everyone eat the same thing?

People need to be fed according to the work they do. The diet of a person who does his job using physical force and is very tired, and someone who works at a desk and makes little effort, should be different. A secretary, a mason, a blacksmith, a teacher have to be fed differently because the amount of energy they spend differs according to the work they do.

A balanced diet is eating and drinking the nutrients that a person needs for growth, development, and a healthy and productive life for a lifetime. It is a fact revealed as a result of scientific research that when any of the nutrients required for the body is not taken, growth and development are interrupted and various diseases occur.

In order for the body to be at the desired level, to maintain a healthy life, and to renew the worn and worn parts of the body, it is necessary to eat right. Malnutrition is one of the reasons why some people look worn and old even though they are young.

Basic healthy eating rules

-Eating little and often,

-to start the day with breakfast,

-not to skip meals,

-not eating junk food,

-drink at least four to five glasses of water a day,

-avoid drinking cola, fatty, salty or sugary foods and street food,

-giving preference to unsaturated fats in the choice of fats,

-while preparing food, paying attention to the preservation of the nutrients in them and storing them in appropriate conditions,

-washing raw fruits and vegetables thoroughly with plenty of clean water.

are basic healthy eating rules necessary for all ages and periods.

Benefits and harms

all about healthy eatingWhat you eat can also increase your quality of life by making you strong and fit; It can also negatively affect your health and cause a decrease in your quality of life.

When you eat a balanced, regular and rational diet, your brain works better, clearer, and your memory gets stronger. Your efficiency, your immunity will increase, you will become more resistant to diseases, your skin will be healthy. In short, you will lead a better quality of life.

If you don’t eat a balanced and regular diet; Your body’s resistance decreases, you get sick. Also, your growth slows down. Your wounds don’t heal. You would get tired quickly. Your learning rate slows down. In addition, your face looks pale and tired. School performance declines and you become distracted.



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