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What is Suede Fabric?

How is Suede Fabric?

Does Suede Fabric Make You Sweat?

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Suede Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Suede Fabric Flexible?

Does Suede Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Suede Fabric Keep You Warm?

In addition to the textile industry, different types of fabrics are used in products such as shoes, jackets and seat covers. Like nubuck fabrics, suede fabrics also have their own characteristics. There are many different areas where it is also used. Today, it is frequently preferred in areas such as shoes, bags, seat covers and gloves. It is also a type of leather. All about Suede Fabric will be explained below.

What is Suede Fabric?

suede fabric

It is a kind of leather, is frequently used in areas such as shoes, bags, gloves and seat covers. Moreover, it can be obtained from normal leather and any animal skin. They are also produced from cotton and polyester, are known to have a more permeable structure compared to normal leather. Today, suede shoes and bags are generally preferred for special occasions and elegant invitations.

How is Suede Fabric?

They are obtained from leather types can be used in many different areas. It has a more permeable structure compared to normal leather, is also produced from polyester and cotton in some cases. Although leather fabrics do not have water permeability, suede fabrics can be water permeable. For this reason, suede shoes are usually worn indoors. If suede shoes are worn outdoors in rainy and snowy weather, the structure of it may deteriorate.

Does It Make You Sweat?

They are frequently used today. Also they don’t allow the skin to breathe. With this feature, the moisture absorption ability of the suede fabric is also very low. They are produced in Sweden for the first time and they are thinner than leather fabrics. In addition, they can sweat due to their structure.


Today, the use of it is quite high. Lambskin is used for suede fabrics rather than cow leather for leather. In addition, the skin of some animals such as deer and goats can often be used in the production of suede fabrics. The properties of suede fabric vary according to the type of raw material used. They are generally produced from animal skin. These fabrics, which have low breathability, don’t absorb moisture easily. It is known that it holds the heat very well.

Usage Areas

The usage areas of suede fabrics are quite wide. It is used in making shoes, bags, gloves and hats because it provides a stylish and elegant appearance. In some cases, seat covers are also produced from suede fabric, which is used for seat covers and similar qualities. The largest exporting country in the world in suede fabric is known as China.

Is It Flexible?

They are used as coatings in areas such as shoes, bags and seat covers, have a very low stretch. For this reason, when buying an item made of it, the size should be chosen well. Because especially suede shoes will not have a stretch.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

Since they are a leather-like fabric, care should be taken to clean them. It is not recommended to wash suede fabrics in the washing machine. They shouldn’t come into direct contact with water. Items such as hats, gloves and shoes made of suede fabrics should be wiped with a damp cloth. When they are used in their natural shape, light brown and gray products appear. It can also be dyed in different colors.

Does It Keep You Warm?

Thanks to its structure, it keeps the body warm. Since they hold heat very well and produced from animal skin, the rate of keeping people warm is very high. Even though it is thin, it is quite warm.

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