Benefits of the Natural Mineral Water

The body needs the intake many vitamins and minerals during the day. Although some foods meet these vitamins and minerals, the benefits of natural mineral water to the body are significant. Mineral water is rich in calcium, sodium, magnesium, and chloride. Natural minerals found in natural mineral waters are suitable for many different health problems. Mineral water, which is essential for the digestive system, relieves stomach problems thanks to the elements in its content. For this reason, in this article, we have analyzed the benefits of natural mineral water, which we consume with pleasure, in detail.

Minerals and Benefits in Natural Mineral Water

 width=Sodium: Provides acid-base balance. It aids in alert transmission.

Calcium has benefits such as blood clotting, strengthening of bone and dental health, and transmission of nerve impulses.

Fluoride: It is a mineral that supports the development of bone and dental health.

Magnesium: It is suitable for muscle and nerve health and heart health. Moreover, it helps in energy production.

Potassium: Provides water balance in the body. It is an essential mineral for cell metabolism.

Bicarbonate: It is suitable for the digestive system.

Iodide: It helps the thyroid gland function to work regularly.

Sulfate: Protects the stomach, gall bladder, and digestive system.

Benefits of Mineral Water

 width=It supports bone and tooth development. It helps to strengthen the bones by meeting the daily calcium need. Thus, it meets the increasing mineral needs of growing children and pregnant women. It metabolizes the fat in the body. In this way, it helps to lose weight, facilitates fat burning.

Natural mineral water balances blood pressure and contributes to its protection. It lowers bad cholesterol. It also reduces the risk of heart attack by preventing the growth and accumulation of cholesterol.

The bicarbonate in its content eliminates problems such as bloating, indigestion, and constipation. It helps in the digestion of food. It balances stomach acids and relieves burning in the stomach.

Natural mineral water makes physical movements easier and prevents contractions in the muscles. It is skin-friendly and supports collagen production. It reduces dark discoloration and wrinkles on the skin. Natural mineral water gives shine to the skin. It strengthens the hair strands by taking mineral supplements. It gives shine to the hair.

When to Drink?

Mineral water can consumed at the beginning of the day, day, and evening. It recommended to drink one glass of mineral water daily, especially when the body is dehydrated in the summer and winter months. Mineral water, suitable for bloating and indigestion, swells the stomach more if it is drunk immediately after meals. Therefore, we recommend that you drink it 1 hour after eating.

How Much Mineral Water Should You Drink Per Day?

Mineral water should consumed at least two bottles a day for adults. It recommended that people with digestive problems drink two bottles of mineral water a day. Children over seven years old can also consume one bottle of mineral water a day.

‘Babies and children under seven years of age are not suitable for regular consumption.’ phrase is used. By paying attention to this phrase, you can ensure that your children consume it healthily.

Although mineral water has many benefits, it can cause health problems if consumed more than the recommended amount.

How Many Calories in 1 Bottle?

Plain mineral water does not contain calories. The calories of mineral waters containing aroma also vary according to the number of additives and sugar. You can find information on calories and other nutritional content on the packaging of almost all mineral waters.

What is the Difference Between Soda and Mineral Water?

Although mineral water and soda used interchangeably among people, they are different from each other. Soda is prepared by adding carbon dioxide to potable water and does not contain minerals. On the other hand, mineral water is a beverage extracted from the deepest layers of the earth, containing dissolved mineral salts, gas, and elements. Although mineral water and soda have stomach-relieving properties, soda has no other function. As we mentioned above, mineral water is very beneficial for health.

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