Best Dishwashers and Things to Consider in Their Use

  • What is a dishwasher?
  • How does a dishwasher work?
  • The advantages of the dishwasher
  • What types of dishwashers are there?
  • Free laying
  • Built-in
  • All integrable
  • Compact
  • 60 or 45 cm
  • With or without a cover basket
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • What should I look out for when buying a dishwasher?
  • Dishwasher alternative

Doing the dishes is a chore that many would do without, although for others, it is a pleasant moment. For large families, having a dishwasher is a real relief, an invaluable time-saver. With our dishwasher article, you are sure to find the best appliance for you and your family.


What is a dishwasher?

A dishwasher is a household appliance capable of cleaning dishes. We put it dirty in the machine and come out clean. There are some differences between one brand and another on how it works to remove dirt or protect glasses.

All of them have partnered with a specific detergent brand that they recommend upon purchase. Some dishwashers have more robust materials or different baskets.

This household appliance freed women from the chore of washing up, for many households, it is as important as the washing machine.

The dishwasher is supposed to wash, rinse and possibly dry the dishes without leaving traces even on the glasses. You can buy a built-in or freestanding dishwasher.

How does a dishwasher work?

The dishwasher draws a certain amount of water, depending on the wash you have programmed. A small rinse is performed, then the resistance heats the water. A new rinse with hot water this time should loosen the most stubborn dirt. At this point, the water can be drained before clean water enters the tank.

Then the detergent mixes, whether tablet or gel in a trigger compartment. Water and detergent are sprayed onto the dishes via the rotating arms.

The strength and warmth of the liquid coming out of its arms allow the dishes to be washed properly.  Then the water is drained off before drawing a new clean amount for rinsing. Depending on the model, the dishwasher can dry dishes and glasses without leaving any stains.

If the dishwasher is to make things easier for us, we should not make it harder by leaving debris on the plates or food that is very sticky.

You have to rinse the dishes briefly and peel off the cheese, for example. The dishwasher filter should be cleaned regularly as well as the edges and the rubbers of the door. Baby’s dishes, toys and bottles can be washed. It is necessary to perform a machine cleaning without dishes once in a while to clean, for example, the inside of the spray arms.

The advantages of the dishwasher

The most obvious and best advantage is that you miss out on the daily chore of washing dishes, especially when you have a large family. However, there are dishwashers of all sizes and sometimes coupled with another household appliance to save space.

Also, hands are no longer damaged by hot water with detergents. Washing dishes with gloves is not practical, and the dishwasher can wash much warmer if necessary.

What types of dishwashers are there?

When you want to buy the best dishwashers for yourself and ask for advice, you have several questions that have not been thought through. “How many place settings, what setting, what size, with or without a basket?”

Free laying

If the kitchen is not set up, there is no countertop under which to slide the dishwasher.

This is called free laying. A microwave oven, kettle and toaster can also be placed on it…


A worktop is in place, and there is a free space next to the sink, the best place for a dishwasher. A hole in the wall of the cabinet under the sink allows water and drain pipes to pass through; an electrical socket is also required at this point.

All integrable

This dishwasher is special; it is sold without the door front because it uses the same wall as the rest of the furniture, which is fixed on it so that it is entirely invisible.

The programming strip is located on the upper edge of the door. These are the best sellers for new kitchens.


2 in 1 or 3 in 1 models are available for singles or couples without children.

The dishwasher is then equipped with an electric hob or an oven, or both. This is one of the best solutions for small spaces.

60 or 45 cm

The dimensions of a dishwasher adapt to all needs. Two widths are available depending on the space available to fit the dishwasher or the number of the cover place you choose.

With or without a cover basket

When putting pots or dishes in the dishwasher, there is often a lack of space because of the cutlery basket.

This basket is quite fragile; in the long run, the knife tips damage the bottom mesh. Sometimes the upside-down forks will pass through the wire mesh and block the spray arm.

The cover drawer is then the right solution; it is located above the glasses and takes up little space. Each piece of cover must be inserted one by one into its compartment so that it can be washed properly. Washing is the same as in a basket when they are not sticking together.

Advantages :

It uses less water than washing by hand.

It allows you to keep beautiful hands.

You can do something else while the dishwasher is working.

The cover is very clean.

No more chores to do the dishes.

It disappears into the kitchen decor.

The dishes are clean even at low temperatures.

It is silent; you can run it at night, it does not wake you up.

Programmable, it is started to benefit from off-peak hours.

Excellent value for money.

Some disadvantages

A machine can be expensive if you count electricity, water, products…

Sometimes the dishwasher smells.

The cover drawer takes a long time to fill.

Glasses can get scratched.

Drying is not done correctly.

On the fully integrated modes, you cannot follow the progress of the wash.

It broke down very quickly.

It doesn’t want to drain the water anymore.

You have to clean the filter, the door… If you forget, it smells terrible.

The dishes must be rinsed beforehand, even more water to be used.

What should I look out for when buying a dishwasher?

When you are ready to buy a dishwasher, you need to study some features and compare them with the criteria you have highlighted.

What is important to remember is the number of the cover place you need, the energy class of the appliance and the space available. Built-in or not?

Dishwasher alternative

There are alternatives to the dishwasher, here they are:

Hand washing

Obviously, hand washing is the first solution. But you don’t wash by hand just any old way, otherwise, you could waste a lot of water. Wash with a clean sponge in one tub, rinse in the other and dry.

Disposable dishes

This is not very green, but it can be efficient if you have no other choice, on the other hand, you do not throw the dishes in the countryside. Preferably put it in your own trash.

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