Turkish carpet manufacturers sold 639 million 557 thousand square meters of carpet to the world

Turkish carpet producers generated 3 billion 179 million 483 thousand dollars from 639 million 557 thousand square meters of carpet exported last year.

According to the information compiled by the AA reporter from the data of the Southeast Anatolian Exporters (GAIB), carpet exporters sent 639 million 557 thousand square meters of carpet to 177 countries in 2021. The carpets thus earned 3 billion 179 million 483 thousand dollars, increasing their foreign sales by 22.1 per cent compared to last year.

Turkish carpet makers earned the most from machine carpets with 2 billion 677 million 320 thousand dollars. Machine rugs were followed by tuff rugs with 438 million 705 thousand dollars, hand rugs with 53 million 483 dollars and rugs with 9 million 975 thousand dollars.

Turkey’s most exporting country, 1 billion 147 million 105 thousand dollars was the US. The USA, which covers 36 per cent of its market share, was followed by Iraq with 176 million 164 thousand dollars, England with 161 million 514 thousand dollars and Germany with 160 million 390 thousand dollars.

Gaziantep, the leader in carpet exports

Turkey’s first place in the export of carpet 71.5 per cent share Gaziantep received. Gaziantep 2 billion exported 273 million 971 thousand dollars, Istanbul 657 million 543 thousand dollars and Uşak exported 78 million 400 thousand dollars.

Turkey Exporters Assembly (TIM) Carpet Sector Board President Salahattin Kaplan, AA correspondent, Turkey’s carpet exports noted essential record stages.

Transferring that carpet export has increased every year, Kaplan said, “Our industry is growing, and our investments are increasing. In 2021, our carpet exporters generated significant income for the country’s economy. Our industry sold over $ 3 billion last year. We also find our goals past last year with our foreign sales. We are happy to have achieved this goal. ” they said.

New year target 4 billion dollars

Kaplan stated that they are working hard to develop the sector and export more and that they concentrate on original designs.

Expressing that the most crucial market of its industry is the USA, Kaplan said:

“Turkey is ranked first in the export of machinery carpet. Our country meets the greatest part of the world’s machine carpet needs. Turkey has a say in the world carpet industry. We desire to continue this success of our industry. With our original design and innovations, we will lay our carpets on people’s feet in many countries in the new year. Our export target this year is 4 billion dollars. Like our other goals, we believe that we will achieve this goal.”

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