Choosing a Mattress and Its Types

  • What is a mattress?
  • What types of mattresses are there?
    • Foam mattresses
    • Spring mattresses
    • Latex mattresses
    • Wool mattresses
  • Disadvantages and advantages of mattresses according to customer reviews
  • Some disadvantages of mattresses
  • What should you pay attention to when purchasing a mattress?
  • Alternatives to mattresses

We spend a third of our life sleeping. Learning, concentration, immunity or even metabolism, it is already scientifically established that sleep is crucial to our biological functions. Choosing the best mattress and its types is, therefore, important when you consider that one in three people suffers from sleep disorders. This is why we have decided to an article about mattresses available on the market.

What is a mattress?

The mattress is used as a comfort element for sleeping. Usually associated with a bed via one or more bed bases, there are many different mattresses. The term “mattress” comes from the Arabic “matrah”. There are foam mattresses, spring mattresses, viscoelastic mattresses and latex mattresses. Spring mattresses are different from foam, latex or visco-elastic mattresses.

What types of mattresses are there?

There are four types of mattresses using different technologies.

Initially, the mattress was made by stuffing bags with straw, wool, horsehair, corn husks, bran, etc. In the Middle Ages, cotton, wool, and even feather mattresses were also made for wealthier families.

Today, the most manufactured mattresses are made of foam, springs, latex or wool.

Foam mattresses

There are polyurethane foam, high resilience foam, and memory foam (or viscoelastic). The latter type of foam mattress is very popular with consumers today.

Spring mattresses

For this category, different technologies have been invented.

The biconical spring mattress has a filling, also called ticking, of foam, cotton or synthetic material. The springs take the shape of the letter X and are held together by wire. The thicker the wires, the firmer the mattress. The advantage of this type of product is mainly the price. In addition to not being expensive, they are known to be very soft and comfortable, of high quality.

The multi-coil spring mattress contains many springs interwoven with each other by a single, extended and continuous steel wire. This yarn is knitted in spirals to provide much more even support than with biconical springs. The more springs and the thicker the springs, the firmer the mattress will be. The advantage of this mattress is the fact that it offers more even support due to the continuity of the wire holding all the springs together. However, due to its homogeneity, this mattress may be less pleasant if it is intended for two sleepers in the same bed.

The embedded spring mattress is the most advanced suspension technology available today. Between 400 and 1,500 springs are individually wrapped in fabric. Tests show that the higher the number of springs, the more precise the support will be.

Having each spring wrapped helps prevent any transmission of motion and therefore maintains the flexibility of the mattress. The ventilation is favoured by the independence of the springs.

Latex mattresses

They are made of a mixture of synthetic latex for durability and natural latex for better elasticity or 100% natural latex.

Wool mattresses

Finally, the woollen mattresses are hand-made by artisans. They are generally made of wool, horsehair and springs and are the mattresses of the high-end section of bedding.

Disadvantages and advantages of mattresses according to customer reviews

After studying and analyzing customer reviews for the best mattresses, we thought it would be good to share with you the advantages and disadvantages of the products according to the users who bought one of these products and therefore carried out a test according to their criteria. Memory foam mattresses are handily winning favour with users, just ahead of those with embedded springs combined with a layer of memory foam. It would appear that the disadvantages are as follows:

Some disadvantages of mattresses

In everyday use, memory foam mattresses can get a bit soft at times, mainly because of their memory foam layer that is too thin or not dense enough.

Wrapping products in roll format for delivery can also sometimes adversely affect product quality, especially since, depending on the delivery person, the product can sometimes arrive faulty or without instructions for use or maintenance. The delivery method also appears to be important in the various opinions of customers who have carried out a test.

The other downside to shopping is that no product can be tried on, so customers are sometimes surprised at how thick or firm the mattress is.

Despite heavy sweating at night, some mattresses remain intact, and the lifespan of the product is excellent.

Shape memory and the combination of shape memory with embedded springs seem to be the ideal combinations for people with back problems, and the products seem to work well with electric beds.

Height also seems to be a strong point in these products, ensuring that the person does not have to bend down too much to lie down.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a mattress?

Before buying a product that will be of use to you for a third of your life, carrying out a comparison is essential. This allows you to see the best products on the market and save time on your research. You can ask around what products your friends have and ask them for their opinion. Sometimes, brands offer a mattress test over several days to choose the best mattress among the comparison, adapted to your morphology and your feelings.

In addition to the number of springs, the presence of memory foam, the technology used, the comfort, adaptability, longevity, the use or not of harmful products, the treatment or not of mould, mites and bacteria, and sometimes the price comparison is the way to choose your best mattress.

Indeed, many products are costly but do not necessarily offer the quality promised. It is, therefore, necessary to take particular account of customer opinions under these conditions to know whether the product is worth buying or not.

Finally, the last thing to consider before buying a mattress is your box spring. Some products require a specific box spring. There are several types of box springs: slatted base, box spring, box base or half-baskets, etc. Consider whether or not you want to change the box spring before purchasing your new bed, and do not hesitate to watch a test online.

Alternatives to mattresses

Adopt a floor bed for a Zen room without mattresses! Asian-inspired, the “floor-bed” is not necessarily synonymous with a lack of time or money. It can be a very thoughtful choice, inspired by the benefits of feng shui. So, a high-density tatami, garnished with rice straw, can very well do the trick and revolutionize your nights astonishingly. The futon is also one of the best remedies against back pain for some morphologies.

The spine, made of cotton, is correctly supported. In addition to being sometimes better for your physical balance, futons are ecological and economical. Find a Japanese bed comparison to refine your comparison according to your needs and choose the best bed for your nights.

The other alternative to buying a new mattress is the topper. It’s like a mattress, but thinner and much cheaper! It is often used when the mattress is getting old or when the firmness no longer suits us.

You can find toppers of all types, and you will undoubtedly find the best mattress topper by making a comparison. The comparison will help you to see more clearly about the best products available on the market and to find the best product adapted to your needs. The best time to think about buying a mattress topper is when your mattress no longer suits you or hurts your back but is still in excellent condition, and you don’t want to get rid of it.

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