Coffee Culture Around The World

1- Coffee culture in Italy

2- Coffee culture in France

3- Coffee culture in Spain

4- Coffee culture in Austria

5- Coffee culture in Ethiopia

Coffee culture is the set of traditions and social behaviors surrounding coffee consumption. The term also refers to the widespread cultural diffusion and adoption of coffee. Coffee culture around the world will be explained below.

Coffee culture in Italy

coffee culture in italy

– Cappuccino is consumed for breakfast in Italy. You won’t find cappuccino after 11am.

– Places where you can drink coffee in Italy are also called bars, don’t be confused.

– You drink your coffee after you pay for it, you don’t pay after you drink it.

– Espresso is in Italy what Turkish coffee is in Turkey, for your information.

– Sometimes a slice of lemon or lemon peel is served with the espresso to lighten the flavor and give it a fresher taste. This is also called “espresso romano”.

– If you’re going to drink a latte, don’t just say “latte”. Then they put a glass of milk in front of you, you get upset. You better say “cafe latte” and order “coffee with milk”.

– Those who consume their coffee with sugar, as in Turkey, do not find it strange. The espresso you order comes with sugar, and people put sugar in their espresso.

– When you order espresso, you can’t ask for milk, why don’t you buy a macchiato if you want to drink something with milk?

– The concept of coffee shops is take-away, so people usually order their coffee, take it and go. You can choose to sit down with your coffee or order from where you sit, but this way you will pay an extra service fee. If you take your coffee and go, you only pay the price of the coffee.

Coffee Culture Around The World: Coffee culture in France

coffee culture in france

– Unlike Italy, the French like to sip their coffee while sitting and chatting.

– “Un cafe” means strong coffee in a small cup, “un cafe serre” means strong espresso, and strong coffees are widely consumed in France.

– In France, coffee with milk is preferred for breakfast. That’s why you can’t find latte type coffees for dinner or during the day.

– In the summer, cold coffee is served in many places in the French.

– “Cafe au lait” means coffee with added hot milk and is a very popular coffee in France.

– In French breakfast, croissant is always accompanied by filter coffee.

Coffee culture in Spain

coffee culture in spain

– There are eight different ways of preparing coffee in Spain and they have different names depending on the amount of milk or coffee added to it.

– While going as nube (cloud), sombra (shade), corto (short), mitad (half), largo (long), manchao (smudged) and solo (plain), milk ratio decreases, coffee ratio increases. In Nube, very little coffee is added to a glass of milk, while in Manchao, very little milk is added to a glass of coffee. Solo means black coffee, it does not contain any milk.

– If you want to drink coffee with equal amount of milk and coffee, you can ask for “cafe con leche”.

– If you like sweet coffee, you can give “cafe bonbon” a try. This coffee contains condensed milk.

Coffee Culture Around The World: Coffee culture in Austria

coffee culture in austria

– Rather than Austria, the capital Vienna stands out in terms of coffee. There are many coffee houses and jazz music is heard in these coffee houses.

– In Vienna, people prefer strong coffees and roast their coffees dark. We can’t just say strong coffee, they also have a great meaning to coffee. The coffee they call “Melange” is what espresso is in Italy. Of course, it’s not just melange. Espresso takes different names according to the amount of shot (usually double espresso) and the materials put into it. There are coffees with alcohol, there are also coffees with egg whites.

– Desserts such as Apfel Strudel, Sacher Torte, and sweet crepe Palatschinken are usually accompanied by coffees.

Coffee culture in Ethiopia

coffee culture in ethiopia

– The country where coffee originated. Arabica is unique in its bean production.

– In Ethiopia, coffee beans are ground and brought into powder form, then boiled like Turkish coffee and brewed.

– The coffee called “buna”, which is cooked in clay-like jugs with direct fire contact and served in small handleless cups, is said to have a strong taste.


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