Combed Cotton Fabric

What is Combed Cotton Fabric?

How is Combed Cotton Fabric?

Does Combed Cotton Fabric Make You Sweat?

Combed Cotton Fabric’s Features

Combed Cotton Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Combed Cotton Fabric Flexible?

Does Combed Cotton Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Combed Cotton Fabric Make You Warm?

It is possible to mention that many types of fabrics are used in many areas. Combed cotton fabric, which is among these fabric types, is among the preferred and frequently used fabric types.

Combed cotton, known colloquially as fabric types; It is produced with a kind of cotton yarn. The fabrics produced from cotton yarn types are called combed fabrics. Combed yarns are among the very high quality yarns produced from cotton yarns. Combed cotton fabric, which is produced from very long cotton fibers, is very good with its durable and soft appearance.

What is Combed Fabric?

combed cotton fabric

It is known as the most preferred fabric type recently, is actually produced from a kind of cotton yarn. Combed cotton fabrics produced with cotton yarns are very high quality fabrics. The meaning of combed fabric; It has settled in our language from the verb to scan in the French language. In Turkish, it is used for t-shirts or tops. The texture of this fabric, which is made of very long cotton fibers, is quite soft. It has a clean, smooth surface, shiny appearance, which is very durable and flexible. In addition, when it is compared to other fabrics, it has a higher quality stance in appearance.

How is Combed Fabric?

It is estimated that cotton fibers have been used from the past to the present. In addition, it is a natural substance obtained by twisting the fibrous, long hairs that surround the seed part of the cotton plant. These fibers differ in thickness and length and have absorbent properties. This makes it easier for cotton to be comfortable and soft in clothes. It is widely used in combed cotton fabrics in hot seasons, as cotton fabrics breathe.

Does Combed Fabric Make You Sweat?

It does not cause sweating due to its breathability feature. For this reason, it is used very often in the summer season. Combed cotton fabric is preferred not only in clothing products but also in many products due to this feature.


Combed fabric properties will be listed as follows;

It is a type of fabric that is frequently used in the textile industry.

  • It can be stated that the combed fabric type has a flexible structure in general.
  • Also, it has been combed, has a soft appearance because it eliminates protruding and short yarns.
  • Combed fabrics have a much softer texture than normal cotton fabrics.
  • Due to the air permeability of the combed cotton fabric, it differs according to the usage areas.
  • Combed fabric is widely used in the clothing industry. The reason for this is that the fabric does not have sweating properties.

Combed Fabric Usage Areas

It is a type of fabric that is generally used in underwear, socks, home textiles and pajamas.

Is It Flexible?

It generally has a flexible fabric.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

It is a type of fabric that can be washed in hot water and can be wrung out. In addition, combed fabrics can be dried by hanging. They are ironed when damp are easier to wrinkle. As with any fabric, it should be considered that combed fabric can shrink when washed. However, washing them at the appropriate temperature is very important in terms of shrinkage. Washing the combed fabric at suitable temperatures will contribute to the minimum shrinkage of the combed fabric.

Does It Keep You Warm?

It has the feature of not sweating. Moreover, it keeps people cool with its breathable structure, does not keep you warm. It is a type of fabric that is not suitable for use in the winter season. It is possible to state that it is mostly used in summer because it keeps it cool.

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