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Compulsory Traffic Insurance

What is compulsory traffic insurance?

When should compulsory traffic insurance be made?

What are the coverages of Compulsory Traffic Insurance?

What are the penalties for not having it?

In which situations Compulsory Traffic Insurance payment is not made?

What are the differences between Compulsory Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance?

Compulsory traffic insurance is a type of insurance that every vehicle owner must made. In addition, this type of insurance undertakes the material and bodily damages that may occur on the other side in case of any damage.

It is obligatory to have traffic insurance, which is compulsory by law. Otherwise, you will have to pay a penalty for delaying or not having traffic insurance. Postponing your traffic insurance will also cause you to lose money and time. For this reason, you should also follow the insurance renewal process regularly.

When should compulsory traffic insurance be made?

The policy period of the traffic insurance is finite to 1 year. After the new applications for the traffic insurance policy, there was freedom for insurance companies in terms of premiums and guarantees. Insurance companies, while determining the premium fees of traffic insurance, may change it by looking at the conditions such as the type of vehicle, whether it is commercial or not, and the province in which it is located. In addition, insurance companies can apply installments for premiums.

What are the coverages of it?compulsory traffic insurance

– Per person death and treatment expenses

– Death and treatment expenses per accident

– Material expenses per accident and their amounts

The price and payment options may vary according to the companies. After you have it by making an agreement with insurance companies, you also have some responsibilities that you should know about your insurance company. You need to research well what kind of assurances you have and in what situations you do not have assurances. You should know your legal responsibilities so that you do not have problems with insurance companies.

What are the penalties for not having it?

People shouldn’t drive the vehicles which don’t have it. Further, it is obligatory for vehicle owners to make traffic insurance and to follow it regularly and renew it before the expiry of the insurance period.

Vehicles of people who do not have it goes to the parking lots of traffic branches. It is not possible to continue in traffic by paying the fine. Moreover, taking back these vehicles from traffic due to it is a difficult process. In order to get the vehicle back, you will need to have traffic insurance.

You have to go to the car park where the vehicle is and first inform the officers about the situation. Notification of documents is among the most important conditions. After this process, you have to pay a fine. Also, for each day the vehicle stays in the parking lot, you have to pay an additional parking fee.

In which situations its payment is not made?

In some cases, traffic insurance does not cover the damage to your vehicle. It only covers the damage incurred on the other side. However, when certain special circumstances occur, the traffic insurance may not cover the damage on the other side.

What are the differences between Compulsory Traffic Insurance and Motor Insurance?

The most important difference between traffic insurance and motor insurance is that one is compulsory and the other is completely optional. For this reason, there is no such thing as not being able to use the vehicle without having the insurance.

Compulsory traffic insurance covers the damages that may occur on the other side during the accident. Motor insurance covers the damages related to your own vehicle. In addition, traffic insurance gives you an advantage to pay for the damage of the other party. On the other hand, motor insurance covers the victimization and damage of the policy holder.


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