Different Types of Coffee

Arabica Coffee

Robusta Coffee

Liberica Coffee

Excelsa Brown

Different types of coffee according to their preparation

Espresso Coffee

Americano Coffee

Filter Coffee

Turkish Coffee

In this text, different types of coffee will be explained below.

1. Arabica Coffee

Arabica Coffee is the most produced bean type in the world. Almost 60% of the coffee you drink is prepared from Arabica beans. Speaking of high quality coffee, it is definitely worth choosing Arabica. It is necessary to buy Arabica coffee in small quantities, consume it fresh in a short time and drink it as hot and plain as possible.

Coffee can be affected by the aromas of other fruits and spices grown in the same geography. Thus, coffees prepared from beans grown in different countries can have different smells and tastes.

2. Robusta Coffee

Robusta Coffee is a type of coffee that is even more bitter than Arabica. 30% of coffee produced today is Robusta coffee. A type of coffee that can grow in a shorter time in lower regions. Mostly Robusta type coffee is produced in Brazil and Vietnam.

Robusta coffee, unlike Arabica, is a type of coffee that is resistant to all conditions. It is mostly preferred for espresso and instant coffees. Also, it is recommended that those who like milky, sugary or cold coffee prefer coffees served with Robusta beans. Its flavor and aroma are strong enough to withstand all this.

different types of coffee

3. Liberica Coffee

Liberica Coffee, on the other hand, was used in the 1890s when 90% of the world’s Arabica stock was depleted. The beans of this type of coffee originating from the Philippines are coarser than the others. In terms of flavor and aroma, it is more sooty and insipid.

4. Excelsa Brown

Excelsa Coffee, on the other hand, is a subspecies of Liberica, but is considered a separate bean type as it differs greatly from it. Also, Excelsa is grown mostly in Southeast Asia and accounts for 7% of the world’s coffee circulation. Since its aroma is very strong, only a small amount is used to strengthen the aroma in the blended coffees.

Different types of coffee according to their preparation

1- Espresso Coffee

Espresso coffee means quick, fast in Italian and is the name given to a classic Italian coffee. It is quick to prepare and consume. In espresso machines, coffee obtained from finely ground beans is prepared with 25-30 ml of water at a certain pressure and high temperature. Further, Espresso coffee with intense aroma and little foam on the surface is served in a small cup. It is similar to Turkish coffee but without grounds.

Almost all the other coffees we drink in those third wave cafes are also made by adding different proportions of water or milk to the espresso. In Italy, espresso coffee with a chocolate or plain croissant is usually preferred for breakfast in the mornings.

Espresso prepared in the form of two shots is called Doppio, or double espresso. When less water is used than the standard boiling water used, Ristretto, a stronger coffee, is obtained. The reverse of Ristretto is called Lungo coffee and is made by adding twice the water to espresso. Ristretto means “limited” in Italian and Lungo means “long”.

2- Americano Coffee

Americano coffee is prepared by adding boiling water to one or two shots of espresso and offers a taste between espresso and filter coffee. A softer aroma is obtained from espresso, but a stronger aroma from filter coffee. Furthermore, American soldiers accustomed to filter coffee, II. During World War II, they were introduced to espresso coffee in Italy. They consumed this coffee, which was hard, dense and small in quantity, by adding boiling water to it. It gets its name from here.

different types of coffee

3- Filter Coffee

Filter coffee is a type of coffee obtained by brewing medium ground coffee with the help of filtered water. It’s also my favorite type of coffee. Unlike espresso, coffee is placed on a filter paper or metal filter and water is slowly dripped through this coffee.

4- Turkish Coffee

Turkish Coffee is a type of coffee that prepares a product with a unique cooking technique and identifies it with its own culture, even though it does not produce coffee. Turkish coffee is unique because of its coffee grinding method. It is served in its own special glass and accompanied by Turkish delight and water. Moreover, this type of coffee with grounds is preferred with sugar, without sugar and with plenty of foam.

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