Electrostatic Powder Coating and Its Advantages

Electrostatic powder coating is a solvent-free surface coating method. The coating material is excellent powder paint particles that make up the topcoat layer. Powder coating takes place in the paint booth through special spray guns. Electrostatically charged powder paint particles while passing through the gun adhere to the material to painted in the cabinet, and the coating process realized. For the powder coating to fully comply with the material surface, the material must also well-grounded. Excess paint collected and reused thanks to the paint recovery system in the cabin. A paint recovery system is one of the most significant economic advantages of electrostatic powder coating technology.

The material enters the baking oven after powder coating. The oven temperature of 200˚C allows the powder paint to melt and adhere to the material. The result is a durable, economical, environmentally friendly, wide color range, and also glossy surface coating. Solvent-free, surface quality, durability, paint recovery system, economy, and environmental sensitivity make electrostatic powder coating a more attractive alternative to traditional painting processes.

Electrostatic Painting

 width=Electrostatic powder paint, which is the only environmentally friendly product of today, proves this with the result that 98% of the amount of color used during the application can be attached to the metal. It transfers paint particles onto the grounded part by charging shallow and very low direct current during spraying. There is no possibility of electric shock in the system as in other power tools. As the paint comes out of the gun, it electrically charged. It goes to the ground part’s surface to be painted by following the force paths in the form of hooks.

Paint particles; opposite poles attract each other. They are attracted to the part according to the principle. However, since they are at the same pole among themselves, they repel each other and provide homogeneous distribution. Thus, they reduce the possibility of leakage and dripping to an almost non-existent level. So, the coating formed by melting the polymer powders after separating the parts to  electrostatically coated called powder coating.

Advantages of Electrostatic Powder Coating

The continuous development of powder coating technology applied on aluminum and steel parts in recent years has led to an essential breakthrough in industrial surface coating. Powder coating technology, which quickly provides solutions to many needs, has numerous advantages over traditional paints such as coating, appearance, quality, durability, economy, and environmental protection.

Perfect Coating

The polymerization of the powder paint ensures that the paint adheres to the material during the firing process. The resulting coating exhibits excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, chemical effects, and impacts. –

As a result of the continuous researches of powder coating manufacturers, it has gained essential advantages such as color, brightness, texture, durability, and ease of application.

Electrostatic Powder Coating is Easy to Maintain

Powder coating systems are elementary to maintain. During the color change, the paint booth and guns cleaned and wiped with compressed air.


Environmental Protection

Powder coating, an environmentally friendly process, does not contain volatile petroleum origin (solvents). This not only protects the environment but also protects worker health. The painter will only need to wear a dust mask.

Electrostatic Powder Coating is Economical

There are many reasons why powder coating systems are economical. Excess paint can reused. Usually does not require pre-painting. It used as received from the powder coating manufacturer. It does not require pre-mixing or preparation to use. Êlectrostatic powder coating does not require mixing air; all ambient air passes through the filter and also returns to the environment.

A Profitable Investment

When all these parameters evaluated, powder coating is more advantageous than traditional painting systems. The reasons why it pays off the initial investment cost in a short time:

  • Increases the productivity of extensive facilities.
  • It can adapt to automation.
  • Less paint material is used.
  • Maintenance costs of electrostatic powder paint are meager.
  • The disappearance of expenses arising from the use of solvents
  • No mixing air device required.
  • It also has excellent coating quality.
  • Wrong and broken applications can be easily cleaned and repainted before entering the oven.

According to these factors, electrostatic powder coating systems quickly cover the initial investment cost. Powder coating is a profitable investment.

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