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  • Unsurpassed comfort
  • Increased security
  • A great atmosphere

The smart home is becoming an integral part of our daily lives. More than just gadgets, the technological solutions it offers are very advantageous for improving comfort and safety in the home. When you enter the connected home, you discover a world of possibilities. Here is an overview.

Unsurpassed comfort

Transform your home into a most comfortable space with intelligent thermostats with the touch of a fingertip. From your computer or smartphone, you can remotely adjust the heating and cooling in each room of your home according to your schedule or the outside temperature… A solution favoured by a growing number of homeowners, who see it as an effective way to save energy and money.

Increased security

Whether to increase the security of your home or to control access to your property, smart camera systems allow you to remotely manage the entrances and exits to your home… just as if you were there! These intelligent systems have a remote activation or deactivation function and some models, equipped with an intercom with an integrated camera, even offer you the possibility of communicating remotely with the person who comes to your home.

Some smart systems also provide the option to find out how your pet is behaving while you are away. They are also used to monitor the whereabouts of a housekeeping crew. From anywhere, you have the opportunity to see what’s going on at home! Besides, we see in the market more and more models of very discreet smart cameras… A significant advantage!

Alarm systems and motion detectors also contribute to your peace of mind when you’re away from home. Connected to your Wi-Fi network, alarm systems can be activated and deactivated remotely and send a notification to your smartphone in the event of a break-in. Motion detectors placed on doors or windows can also alert you if someone tries to enter your home. You can also target areas to detect traffic inside and outside the house, such as the front door, basement, garage and pool. With smart locks, one-touch on your phone allows you to unlock your door for a friend or someone coming to do work or maintenance at your home.

A great atmosphere

Beyond the comfort and security aspects, the connected home allows you to transform the atmosphere in your home. During family meals and evenings with friends, dim the lights, pull your motorized blinds and activate your electric or gas fireplace to create an intimate and warm atmosphere in seconds. Fancy a movie night? With your fingertips, transform your living room into a home-theatre: lights off, curtains drawn, wall converted to the big screen and sound system in surround mode.

With smart speakers, take advantage of a centralized management system from your smartphone, tablet or voice control to ensure perfect control over the choice of music tracks and volume. Some systems also allow you to listen to your music in all rooms of the house, like centralized video, which gives you the chance to control all of your audio-video devices by distributing the same content to all your screens and even adapt your lighting.

If the connected house presents a range of opportunities for your residence, our enterprise offers you endless possibilities for its construction… At the dawn of the connected house revolution, we build for you a personalized house that can consider all the options that offer a smart home. Always on the lookout for trends, our team can help you choose the solutions and systems that best meet your needs.

Based on your aesthetic or functional aspirations, we build according to your vision, for habitat in perfect harmony with your lifestyle.

Do you want to know more about our living spaces? Discover the architectural trend of constructions bearing our signature our models of inspiration. Contact us to let us know about your construction project or to make an appointment.

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