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What is Alcantara Fabric?

How is Alcantara Fabric?

Does Alcantara Fabric Make You Sweat?

Alcantara Fabric’s Features

Alcantara Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Alcantara Fabric Flexible?

Does Alcantara Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Alcantara Fabric Keep You Warm?

The fabrics, which have attracted a lot of attention recently, have begun to appear in human life. One of the most striking of these fabrics is Alcantara fabric. It is one of the fabrics with an extremely important area of ​​use. Everything about Alcantara fabrics will be explained below.

Many people are doing research about Alcantara fabric and looking for answers to the question marks in their minds. In this respect, it appears to be a very important issue.

What is Alcantara Fabric?

alcantara fabrics

Alcantara fabric is Italian made and has the feature of being a fabric that is very similar to suede and gives a suede feel. Although the name Alcantara is actually a brand name, it appears as a registered trademark of Alcantara S.P.A., an Italian company.

How is Alcantara Fabric?

Alacantara fabric is an upholstery fabric obtained by mixing 60% polyester yarn and 40% polyurethane yarn. Although Alcantara is an Italian brand name, this word has a structure derived from the Arabic word ‘al qantara’, that is, ‘bridge’. This means that Alcantara fabrics are bridge between animal skin and cotton fabric.

Alcantara upholstery fabric is produced with high design and production technology, which has a completely synthetic quality. It is mostly used in sports vehicles and sports seats. Although it is a synthetic material, it is a very good alternative to leather, suede and nappa seat upholstery.

Does Alcantara Fabric Make You Sweat?

Alacantara upholstery fabric has a non-sweating structure due to some of its important features. In this respect, it has a very important usage area.


Alacantara fabric, which has an important area of ​​use especially in the automotive, yachting and aviation industries, has its own characteristics as in all kinds of fabrics. In this sense, the properties of Alcantara fabric are as follows.

1- It has a very attractive appearance.

2- It is a fabric that is highly resistant to stains.

3- It has a very soft texture.

4- It is very durable.

5- It is not a fabric that fades easily.

6- It is quite light.

7- It has a non-slip structure thanks to its adhesion feature.

8- It is a fabric whose production is sustainable.

9- It has one hundred percent carbon neutral feature.

10- It is a versatile fabric.

11- People can paint it easily in different color tones.

12- It is very easy to clean,

13- Some varieties have a feature that makes it difficult to burn.

14- People should clean and mend it specially.

15- It has a stylish appearance.

16- It has a sporty structure.

Usage Areas

Alcantara fabric has an extremely wide usage area.

Firstly, on the latest Microsoft Surface products,

– Automotive industry,

– Interior,

– Yachting industry,

Lastly, it is an upholstery fabric. People mainly use it in the aviation industry.

Is Alcantara Fabric Flexible?

Alcantara is a fabric with low stretch. In this respect, it can be described as a semi-elastic fabric.

Does Alcantara Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Furthermore, alacantara fabric type has a quality that has almost no shrinkage in terms of its high resistance against water. Also, in terms of this feature, it is among the most preferred upholstery materials in the automotive industry.

Does Alcantara Fabric Keep You Warm?

Alacantara fabric is one of the fabric types that has a structure that keeps people warm in cold weather. In terms of this feature, it is among the most preferred upholstery fabric types for interior upholstery, especially by luxury car brands.

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