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What is Patchwork Fabric?

What is Patchwork Fabric Like?

Does Patchwork Fabric Make You Sweat?

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Is Patchwork Fabric Flexible?

Does Patchwork Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Patchwork Fabric Keep You Warm?

Patchwork fabrics, formerly known as forty patch in Turkey. It is the fabrics produced for the first purpose of making use of patching fabrics by adding them together. Everything about Patchwork fabric will be explained below.

What is Patchwork Fabric?

patchwork fabricsPatchwork fabric is the creation of fabrics with different shapes and patterns by using different cuts and stitches of fabrics in different patterns and colors.

More than one type of fabric is used in the production of patchwork fabrics, as well as fabrics with different colors and patterns of the same type.

What Is Patchwork Fabric Like?

Patchwork fabric is a fabric with distinctive patterns and various shapes. To create a patchwork fabric, it is not necessary to weave from start to finish. They are different woven fabrics that are attached to each other by sewing. Therefore, sewing is required for patchwork fabric. The fabrics are cut in small sizes and added one by one to form a pattern.

Does Patchwork Fabric Make You Sweat?

Patchwork fabric is a fabric that can be used in more than one fabric. If the added fabrics contain polyester, they can cause sweating.

They are mostly chosen among cotton fabrics. It does not sweat if it contains cotton or if more natural materials are used. The breathability of the fabric is related to sweating.


Patchwork fabric provides a different integrity between geometric shapes and patterns and fabric patterns. At first glance, geometric shapes can be seen on the patchwork fabric, and patterns can also be seen when viewed in more detail. They are more design fabrics whose colors and patterns can be created in desired shapes.

Since they are formed with many geometric patterns, a lot of fabrics are combined to create patterns. The combined fabrics reach a much greater weight than their initial weight. Therefore, patchwork fabric is heavy fabric. In patchwork fabrics used in clothing design, the pieces are mostly chosen from light fabrics.

The purpose of making patchwork fabric is to evaluate the existing waste fabrics, different from production. Patchwork, also known as forty patch, aims to create new styles from new items from inert fabrics.

Usage Areas

They are used in textile products. For example, they are fabrics that can be used in items such as tablecloths, bedspreads, blankets, sheets and can also be used in clothes.

It is also used in the manufacture of patchwork style bags and shoes recently. Patchwork is used functionally not only with fabrics, but also in leather and leather products.

They have recently been used in furniture designs and accessory designs. Since it reminds of the past periods, its usage areas are becoming widespread.

Is Patchwork Fabric Flexible?

Determining the flexibility of patchwork fabric is due to the fact that the fabrics used in patchwork contain lycra. In order for the patchwork fabric to be flexible, the added fabrics must also be flexible. It is possible to use rubber to make the patchwork fabric elastic.

Does Patchwork Fabric Shrink When Washed?

They should be washed and ironed before sewing. The fabric pieces sewn after the washing process do not shrink afterwards. In the patchwork technique, washing and ironing is done before the fabrics come together.

Does Patchwork Fabric Keep You Warm?

Patchwork fabrics are fabrics that are more suitable for blanket making. Since patchwork fabrics are made with the addition of many fabrics, it is easy for it to keep warm and give heat. The reason for using woolen and cotton fabrics in patchwork fabric additions is to keep people warm in winter.

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