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What is Taffeta Fabric?

How is Taffeta Fabric?

Does Taffeta Fabric Make You Sweat?

Taffeta Fabric’s Features

Taffeta Fabric’s Usage Areas

Is Taffeta Fabric Flexible?

Does Taffeta Fabric Shrink When Washed?

Does Taffeta Fabric Make You Warm?

Taffeta fabric is a very stylish fabric type used in the production of evening dresses, which are generally worn in elegant invitations, weddings and organizations. The same quality of clothing is produced from it attracts attention with its quality and stance. Everything about Taffeta fabric will be explained below.

taffeta fabric

It is a type of fabric that is very easy to weave. People prefer it widely in making wedding dresses and evening dresses.

What is Taffeta Fabric?

It is a type of burnished fabric woven on dobby, which is the same on both sides. Moreover it has a symmetrical appearance as it is formed in the form of strings of stretched threads. If different color applications are made during fabric production, the product gains the ability to change color according to the light. It is a fabric with a very stylish appearance. People use it is generally in the women’s evening dress clothing sector due to this feature.

How is Taffeta Fabric?

People use it in dress models that fit well on the body. Although it is quite durable and tough, it is a lightweight fabric. With its slightly wavy and shiny appearance, stylish and high quality stance; It is clear that it is the most ideal type of fabric for evening dresses, wedding gowns and nightgowns. It has different types such as silk, synthetic, fault, sequin and florence. Furthermore it offers a simple and high quality image. For this reason, besides evening dresses made of it, it is recommended to use accessories, shoes and bags to highlight the dress.

Does It Make You Sweat?

Since it is a natural type of fabric, it does not sweat.


There are many types of it. The general characteristics of taffeta fabric are:

  • Since it is among the natural, it is breathable and therefore does not sweat.
  • It is extremely robust. However, it is a lightweight fabric.
  • It is very comfortable in terms of use.
  • Since it has a wavy structure, it is very successful in covering physical defects.
  • Since it is a plain and natural fabric, it makes you look slimmer.
  • Clothes made of narrow cut taffeta fabric provide a more fit look. Women with hips can hide excess weight in their waistlines with flared taffeta fabric models.
  • It is healthy and natural.

Usage Areas

People prefer it especially in women’s evening dresses due to its unique stylish appearance, shiny and wavy feature, and a body-fitting structure. Moreover, people use it in the production of all kinds of evening dresses, wedding dresses, dressing gowns and nightgowns. Also people prefer it widely in strapless dresses as it fits the body and does not slip. It is ideal for covering excess weight and defects in the waist area in overweight women. Its wavy appearance allows women to cover up their imperfections easily. For this reason, people use it in the production of very stylish clothes.

Is It Flexible?

It has a rigid structure and fits the body. It is not a stretchy fabric.

Does It Shrink When Washed?

It is a delicate fabric that shrinks when washed. Therefore, people should wash it carefully. It can lose its tough texture if washed carelessly. Also, it is usually dry cleaned. People shouldn’t hang it during drying. Instead, it must be tightened and laid. Before ironing, people should cover it with a damp cloth and starched if possible to prevent wrinkles.

Does It Keep You Warm?

It is a very light and breathable fabric. It allows the body to breathe, does not have features such as excessive warmth and sweating.

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