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Furniture Production Materials

The materials used in furniture production vary. The most well-known of these are wood, chipboard and MDF. Furniture production suitable for its purpose emerges with the use of different materials.

Furniture Production Made

There are certain stages in the production of furniture. These stages listed belows;

  • Firstly, it is necessary to determine the characteristics of the furniture production according to the area in which it will use.
  • As a second step, the shape of the furniture to  made must determined and drawn.
  • The third step is to determine the dimensions of the furniture whose shape determined to producing.
  • The fourth step is drawing the technical drawings of each piece of furniture and preparing the materials to cut.
  • Finally, the edge massifs of the cut materials should make, the coating materials should determined, the prepared materials should combined, and sanding and painting processes should carry out.


Materials Used in Furniture Production

Material selection should made according to the type of furniture to use while producing furniture. Some of the materials used in this sense are as follows;

Chipboard: It is a material containing wood chips and some chemical binders. Because it is economical, manufacturers often use it. It is harmful to use in kitchens and bathrooms as it is not resistant to water and fire.

MDF is a type of material suitable for painting, foil, and wood coating due to its smooth and durable surface. MDF, known as medium density fiberboard, is inexpensive and durable.

Laminate: It is a wood covering material. Bacterial retention is low. Moreover, it is heat and moisture-resistant.

Wooden Materials Used in Furniture Production

 width=We can classify wood-based materials used in furniture production as solid (timber) veneer board, plywood, plywood, fiberboard, particleboard, paper, and resin-impregnated or plastic-coated decorative boards.

Today, technological and economic necessities have made it necessary to investigate and improve some of the harmful properties of solid wood material and to produce other wood-based materials. For this reason, there are industrial materials instead of wood in furniture and building elements.

Solid wood is the permanent primary material of the furniture industry as material, timber, or veneer board. Due to the natural structure of the solid wood material, it is comfortable and peaceful. Thus, solid wood material has preserved its usability and importance to a great extent. Therefore, it is still one of the most preferred products.

There are a wide variety of wood species in the furniture industry as solid and wood veneer sheets. Changing fashion conditions play a role in the use of wood material. It changes over time due to the availability of the preferred wood material in the market or the difficulties in obtaining it.

In furniture production, manufacturers also use solid wood for carriers in various furniture. Before using solid wood, the material must well fired. It known that the use of solid wood in all furniture  avoided. This situation is because it is open to events such as warping as it is made of entirely natural material.

The Best Material

Natural actual furniture production material is wood. The word massive used for wooden sections in furniture. The reason for using solid wood is its strength, and it is used in carrier sections. There is no obligation to use solid wood in the remaining parts of the furniture, and the use of MDF provides both a cost advantage and the same function. For wood toused in furniture, it must first well fired. One of the drawbacks of using wood material all over the furniture is the work of the wood. Events such as warping over time occur in natural wood.

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