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The industrial kitchen sector in Turkey is a growing industry. All of the kitchen utensils needed in professional kitchens form the industrial kitchen sector. Through this article, we will talk about what the industrial kitchen is, which is the savior of large enterprises, its benefits, and also its growing position in Turkey. On the other hand, Öztiryakiler, one of the companies with an important place in the industrial kitchen industry in Turkey, will be one of the other topics of this article.

What is Industrial Kitchen?


Industrial kitchens are technical kitchens found in various major companies such as cafés, factories, hotels, restaurants, and other similar major establishments. These meet all the requirements in the kitchen in the most efficient and fastest way in order to save time. Further, the utility of an industrial kitchen has a lot of advantages for both the manager and the consumer. Since quality results will also be obtained from quality products, many large enterprises have started to give more importance to purchasing quality kitchen tools, especially recently. In the sector, which includes various products, it is possible to see the following:

  • Furnaces
  • Dishwashers
  • Refrigerators
  • Ice Machines
  • Hot and Cold Display Cabinets, and many others.

Advantages of Industrial Kitchen

With the growth of the industrial kitchen sector, the workload of large enterprises has been significantly reduced. Furthermore, it is inevitable to admit that these kitchens have many benefits. Thanks to the industrial kitchen, it is possible to produce faster and more effective works/dishes with less workforce. The quickness factor is also one of the main determinants to ensure customer satisfaction. Making meals faster by taking advantage of the benefits of technology will also increase the credibility of the institution or restaurant in the eyes of customers. Apart from these, there are many elements that can be counted in the benefits of the industrial kitchen sector:

  • Thanks to the advanced coolers and refrigerators, keeping the products fresh also ensures that the food is more delicious.

  • It is inevitable that good results will emerge when the quality source and quality product duo come together.

Industrial Kitchen Sector in Turkey


Since the industrial kitchen sector is one of the biggest helpers of large enterprises, it is a constantly developing and living industry. When we’re getting close to the present, we encounter a developing industrial kitchen sector in Turkey as well. The development of the industrial kitchen sector in Turkey has increased in parallel with the importance given to tourism. Therefore, professional kitchen companies have also increased with the incentives given to tourism since the 1980s.

The food factor is very important in various hotels and holiday villages established by world standards. Thus, the concept of quality cuisine has also gained upward momentum. Apart from tourism, the development of the fast-food sector in Turkey since the 90s has also had an impact on the development of the industrial kitchen industry. Besides restaurants and hotels, many large enterprises such as health, schools, cafes, etc., have helped Turkey develop itself regarding this industry. The fact that many major companies related to this sector give importance to exports, let the industrial kitchen sector in Turkey has gained continuous growth.

Turkish Industrial Kitchen Brand Öztiryakiler


Öztiryakiler is one of the major companies that among the first manufacturers of Turkey in the industrial kitchen products industry. Today, Öztiryakiler employs 1400 people and operates a closed production area of 140,000 m2. With its successful investments and quality, Öztiryakiler is the leader in the domestic market in the industrial kitchen sector today. In addition to its domestic activities, it is a name that contributes to the country’s economy with its exports abroad.

Öztiryakiler, one of the first names that come to mind when thinking about the industrial kitchen industry, is among the top ten firms globally in terms of product diversity and turnover. As of today, the company continues its activities based on maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction with more than 2000 products.

If you wish to buy industrial kitchen products from Turkey, please do not hesitate to contact us by mail at  [email protected] or to call us at +90 532 361 5149. We can help you to get in direct contact with producers or provide you with everything that you need.

Please visit Öztiryakiler company for more information about their products. Further, if you want to know about industrial kitchen products companies in Turkey, visit our website.

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