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Natural Stones That Grown in Turkey

Turkey is a country where natural stones are very diverse and relatively abundant due to their geological structure. Many unique natural stones using since ancient times. Natural Stones are spread over a wide area on our globe with their groups and sub-types. Some stones are pretty rare, while others can found in abundance. Some gems only spawn in a particular place. For example, the Diaspore stone, which we know as Zultanite, is only found in the mine located in Muğla-Milas in the world. Based on this situation, we wanted to list the natural stones extracted in our country roughly.

Agate (Agate)

 width=The main places where agate stone extracted are as follows. However, agate stone found throughout our country. They especially found around hot springs. Agate is a stress stone. It reduces tension in the body; It gives vitality, energy, and optimism.

Ankara: It is found around Susuz Village, together with chalcedony and quartz formations. There are also a few banded agates. Agate is formed between rhyolitic rocks by the circulation of siliceous waters as a result of volcanic activities. The rod structure, on the other hand, is an indicator of the later developed zeolites.

Eskişehir: Banded Agate, Dendritic Agate. The dendritic structure is mainly from Magnesium and Iron.

Actinolite (Nephrite)

Actinolite is an asbestos mineral. It is dark green or blackish-green in color. It is also called Nephrite or Jade. There are Kure Mountains and Tokat Erbag.

Jade Natural Stones

Jade is a type of Jade. Nephrite is dark green, and Jade is more precise, may contain yellowish and purplish colors. In the vicinity of Bursa-Harmancık, the lilac color field type seen due to manganese ions. In addition to its dark green color, it is also seen in purplish and rarely black color in Harmancık.


Amethyst generally found near the surface of groundwater rich in iron oxide. There are also around Balıkesir, Ordu and Yozgat.

Amethyst is a helpful stone in quitting alcohol, drugs, and smoking. It is using in meditation. It helps to clear negative energy from the body and allows us to produce positive energy.


It occurs mainly in the copper-rich Black Sea region. It is found together with other minerals, especially in rocks containing copper. These minerals include pyrite, malachite, chrysocolla, chalcopyrite, coveline, cuprite, and bornite.

Beryl Group Natural Stones

 width=It occurs in the form of aquamarine with granite pegmatites in Gördes, Manisa. Aquamarine helps in the healing of infections found in the throat and throat. It is a stone of relaxation, protects from stress. It helps to bring the right emotions to the fore.

There is emerald in Şenkaya, Erzurum. There is a kyanite in Manisa. It is sometimes seen together with quartz and biotite mica in mica schists.



It found in sandstone formations in the old bauxite quarries in Muğla-Milas. It is commercially called Zultanite and Criste. This stone, with metaphysical properties, protects you from stress and helps you calm down during stress. It allows you to complete your career by giving you logical thinking and self-confidence in business life. It available only in Turkey


It seen chiefly in zinc and lead deposits, hot springs, together with uranium minerals. There are purple fluorite, green fluorite, and white fluorite in our country. Fluorite helps to protect your energy in the body with its balancing effect. It has an impact on bones and teeth with the calcium it contains. It is effective against dizziness.

Chalcedony Natural Stones

Chalcedony stone has various formations such as matte, transparent, semi-transparent, crack filling, gel-like structure. It primarily found in areas with siliceous waters. Dendritic Chalcedony is located in the form of nodules in sandstones and fault cracks.

Chalcedony Stone, This stone, which is effective against stress, provides power and energy balance. Known as the balance stone, this stone raises brain energy because it emits blue light.


Topaz seen in different regions of Turkey. It primarily found in metamorphic massifs together with apatite, kyanite, and tourmaline minerals. It found in metamorphic rocks around Bursa/Keles, Malatya/Pötürge and Kütahya/Simav.

Tourmaline Natural Stones

 width=Tourmaline is a stone of focus. It focuses the person on his goals and increases concentration. It strengthens intuition.

Another name for Tourmaline Stone is rainbow stone. Its color changes from pink to green. Each stone contains different color intensities according to the mineral balance in it.

Yozgat/Doğankent: It found as pink Tourmaline with high Lithium content in granitic formations around Oruklar village. It occurs in gneiss in metamorphic rocks.


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