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PVC Windows Advantages

One of the most important materials of door and window systems lately is PVC. It bears the initials of the name Poly-Vinyl-Chloride. It blended with various additives. Then it is shaped at high temperatures and made into plastic. So, it became ready for use. All usage panels such as the door, middle door, and wing are called PVC joinery. PVC windows are among the most preferred products with numerous advantages and various conveniences.

Compared with aluminum or wooden windows, PVC Window insulation value is the best product. Therefore, they can reduce energy and heating costs. Especially when using these products in passive house standards, very high energy saving potential emerges. Today, inactive house windows can produced efficiently and cost-effectively using state-of-the-art PVC profiles and triple glazing.

PVC windows are longer lasting than windows made of wood. High-quality PVC windows have maintained their first-day performance for years with their deterioration resistance and functionality levels. PVC windows are an excellent investment to protect the value of your property.


What is the Difference Between Pvc Joinery and Aluminum Joinery?

PVC Joinery is more affordable than aluminum joinery. In PVC, low air is less likely to get in. There is a possibility of penetration in aluminum. PVC is more advantageous in terms of thermal insulation. It passes the heat more difficult. In terms of aesthetics, PVC has more color and pattern options. Both are of good quality. However, if it uses poor quality, it isn’t easy to be satisfied. Since it produced from PVC plastic, it is easier to recycle than aluminum. PVC is lighter than aluminum. It may not be as successful as aluminum at low and high temperatures. It is used in the manufacture of windows and doors, reducing tree cutting and helping to protect forests. In addition to the high ignition temperature of PVC, it can extinguish itself when ignited.

Cost/Benefit Ratio of PVC Windows

PVC windows provide a net cost advantage both in the first purchase and throughout the product life. Wooden windows are about 20-50% more expensive than PVC windows, while Aluminum windows cost 30-70% more as the most costly alternative. Based on its high energy saving potential and minimum maintenance over a service life of more than 50 years, it is the most economical alternative in the short and long term.


High-quality PVC windows require little maintenance and are extremely easy to maintain. On the other hand, wooden windows should be varnished every two years and painted every five years. State-of-the-art PVC raw materials are very resistant to all weather conditions. Bleach-free dishwashing liquid is sufficient to clean smooth Window frames.

Fire Resistance

PVC windows using in buildings, other plastics, wood, textiles, etc. Due to the high chlorine content, PVC windows have fire safety properties. Like organic substances, it will burn when exposed to fire. However, hhese products are self-extinguishing, meaning they stop burning if the fire source removed. It is challenging to ignite; the heat generation is relatively low.

Eco-Friendly width=

PVC windows are 100% recyclable and therefore save resources. 40% of the world’s gas and oil reserves are used for heating and energy supply to buildings, only 4% for all kinds of PVC raw materials, and only 1% of this rate is used to produce plastic windows. In addition to being recyclable, the low pollution levels during the production of PVC profiles cause minor damage to the ecological balance than wood and aluminum and contribute to the protection of the environment. These products are much more durable than wooden windows and consume significantly less energy during the production process. The PVC content can degrade, and the granules can be processed for regeneration and recycled at least seven times. (The carbon footprint of the PVC window profile is 248.8 kg CO2, the carbon footprint of the Aluminum window profile is 485.9 kg CO2)

PVC Windows Are Safe

PVC is non-toxic. It is a safe material that using for over half a century. These product is also one of the most researched and thoroughly tested raw materials in the world. It complies with all international standards in terms of safety and health, both for the products and applications used.

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