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Refrigerator Layout and Cleaning

It’s a great time to do what we missed at home and said we’d do later. Refrigerator layout and cleaning is one of the jobs we have missed. If you have a messy fridge, you probably have difficulty finding what you’re looking for. It is helpful to read this article to have a regular refrigerator.

You can’t prevent food from spoiling, especially fruits and vegetables. A regular refrigerator will prevent food from being wasted and increase its efficiency in the kitchen. At the same time, even your cooking time will be shortened when you have a more organized refrigerator. What’s more, you’ll feel like you’ve made more room in your closet.

Remove Unnecessary Things for Refrigerator Layout

If you open the refrigerator door every time for fear that something will fall on the floor, first of all, you need to get rid of unnecessary foods. Filling every corner of the refrigerator with food also increases the risk of wastage. Also, this causes you to close the fridge’s vents, blocking the airflow inside the refrigerator and lowering the energy efficiency. So this is bad not only for the food but also for your fridge. Always fill your closet by making small purchases and keeping things fresh.

The optimum filling rate for a refrigerator to work correctly and efficiently is that it is two-thirds full. For this reason, you should not fill the fridge to the brim to create a layout.

Fruit and Vegetable Layout

 width=If you wash, cut, and refrigerate fruits and vegetables, you should give up this habit. Because washed and cut vegetables and fruits lose their freshness more quickly. Instead, put the fruits and vegetables you bought directly in the fridge and use them when you need them.

Each refrigerator has compartments at the bottom where you can store fruits and vegetables. You should not keep fruits and vegetables together in these compartments. This is because of the ethylene substance in fruits. Ethylene causes vegetables to rot faster. At the same time, when organizing fruits and vegetables, storing them in unique bags will also help with refrigerator orders.

Cleaning these compartments can sometimes be challenging. A simple but effective method! Laying a towel at the bottom of these shelves will make it easier for you to clean. It will allow you to easily clean up spilled fruit and vegetable parts and leaves.

Refrigerator Door

The hottest parts of the refrigerator are the door and the top shelf. Since milk is a perishable product, it should be kept at a sustainable temperature on the middle shelves. The same goes for eggs. You should not put the eggs in the egg compartment in the cabinet door against the risk of rapid deterioration.

There is no harm in keeping products that contain plenty of vinegar and salt in the cabinet door. The top shelf is a suitable compartment for snacks and leftovers.


There are only two places for meat in the refrigerator: the freezer and the lowest shelf of the fridge. Meat should not be stored outside of these two places. Also, I have one more suggestion. If you keep it on the lowest shelf, do not place a tray under the meat. It will prevent the heart from contaminating the refrigerator. If you don’t want them to take up too much space with the tray, you can also organize the refrigerator using storage bags.

Containers for Refrigerator Layout

 width=Many products can be stored in a more organized way thanks to trays, containers, and baskets. Keeping all the jars in a tray or collecting the unused portion of the breakfast items in a basket with their packages will save you a lot of space in the refrigerator. You can also store the products you want to take up less space in vacuum bags.

Date Control for Refrigerator Layout

Unfortunately, tons of food wasted every year. The main reason for this shown as the unconsciousness of consumers. To prevent food waste, the first thing to do is take as much as needed and regularly check the expiration date. After reviewing the expiry dates of the products in the cupboard, you can make a small reminder for yourself by taking notes and pasting them on the closet.

Special Shelf for Each Product

Another suggestion I can give you to keep your fridge organized is to keep similar items together. For example, keep canned food together with canned food or collect dairy products in one place.

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