• Handmade Classical guitar

    – Burns and back are also referred to as master quality movingo satinwood

    – soundboard is canadian cedar

    – sill is kingwood

    – Other thresholds are ivory

    – Honduran mahogany with one piece carbon

    – Ebony fillets

    – derjung pegs

    (Including Protective Case and Shipping)

  • Handmade Cutaway fredless guitar

    – Back and sides are master quality rosewood.

    – Their fillets are snakewood.

    – The soundboard is a quality Artvin spruce.

    – Esik is rosewood.

    – Thresholds are bone.

    – The handle is Spanish cedar, again three pieces of wenge in between and carbon reinforced.

    – The keyboard is macasar ebony.

    – Highlights are German schaller

    (Including Protective Case and Shipping)

  • Handmade Cutaway fredless Guitar

    – The sides are mahogany with a sapele back.

    – The handle is Honduran mahogany like the others with carbon.

    – Fingerboard ebony headforms and fillets are also ebony.

    – The soundboard is of master quality spruce.

    – Its sills are rosewood and bone.

    (Including Protective Case and Shipping)

  • Handmade Double Neck Classical Guitar

    ‘- Back and sides are Australian sycamore. (leopardwood)

    – The soundboard is 1st class master quality Borcka spruce.

    – The thresholds are rosewood.

    – The sill bones are ivory.

    – 1st Quality ebony with ebony keyboards

    – Head part with fillets and tuners is kingwood.

    – The handles are three pieces of Honduran mahogany and the pieces in between are wenge.

    – There is a carbon used in the aircraft wing with special resin embedded with milling between the keyboard and the handle.

    – Augers are Japanese made GOTOH brand.

    (Including Protective Case and Shipping)

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