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  • What is a steam iron?
  • How does a steam generator iron work?
  • Advantages & fields of application
  • What types of steam generator iron are there?
    • The professional steam generator iron
    • The classic steam generator iron
    • A steam generator with unlimited autonomy
    • The steam generator without regulation
  • Steam pressure and flow rate
  • Start-up time
  • The practicality of the steam generator
  • Tank capacity

What is a steam iron?

To be sure that this overview will help you in your quest for the best steam generator iron, it is essential to state what a steam generator iron is.

The steam generator iron is a household appliance similar to an iron. However, this is an improved version of the iron, as it is more substantial and provides more power. The steam generator iron considerably reduces domestic tasks compared to other household appliances that do the same job.

Initially, it was a device intended only for professionals. In other words, at the time of its creation, it was reserved for strictly professional use in companies or industries. But, over the years, individuals have started to take an interest in it because of the high performance it offers.

The steam generator iron consists of a water tank (also called a boiler) and a special iron. The capacity of the water tank varies depending on the model and is used to heat the water and the iron. The steam generator is, therefore, a device which is useful for quick and efficient ironing, but it is also possible to use it for ironing clothes and linen.

How does a steam generator iron work?

To establish an accurate comparison that will help you retain the best creation when buying your steam generator iron, understanding how it works is an important step that should not be skipped.

A steam generator iron is designed to produce intense steam to better pass through the fibres of the garment and eliminate any creases. When we compare it with other household appliances that produce roughly the same effect, the difference lies mainly in the way the steam is produced. Plants produce steam in two different ways.

First, some models are equipped with a tank and are called “steam generators with limited autonomy”. Once the tank is filled and heated, it is placed under pressure. The user can then use the steam until it is exhausted.

To refill the tank, wait until the steam generator is turned off and cold. It may, therefore, take some time to restart the machine. It is possible to adjust the temperature, but not the pressure flow.

The second mode of operation of a steam plant is that of machines with unlimited autonomy. These have a pump and a small tank outside the tank. The user, therefore, has the option of replenishing them during ironing and then benefits from an unlimited amount of steam. The heating is faster, and he can adjust the temperature as he pleases.

Advantages & fields of application

When we make a comparison with other machines used for laundry care, the opinion of consumers is unanimous on the subject: the steam plant offers better performance. The reason why this device receives such positive feedback from users is because of the advantages it provides to those who have decided to test it by purchasing it.

  • First, the steam in a steam plant is produced by a generator other than iron. Therefore, it is produced more quickly and in considerable quantity.
  • Thanks to the high steam flow, the user performs a better ironing session in a short time, as he no longer needs to iron in the same place several times.
  • With the high pressure, the steaming of thick clothes is done in a short time. Depending on the thickness of the garment, you only need to pass the iron once to remove all the creases.
  • The iron in the steam generator is very light because it does not have a water tank. It is, therefore, an easy to handle the device. Ironing is no longer considered a chore with the best steam generator.
  • Thanks to the quality materials used to make the soleplate of the steam generator, the user benefits from better sliding.
  • Steam generators have a larger capacity tank. Therefore, it is an ideal device for professional use or for individuals who need to iron a lot of laundries.
  • Steam generators often have additional options such as vertical steaming, which removes all the creases from a garment without even removing it from the hanger.

What types of steam generator iron are there?

This is also an essential element to take into account in the comparison to ensure that the best generator is chosen. In the steam generator market, all models look the same. However, it is possible to find some elements of distinction to categorize them.

The professional steam generator iron

This is the model used by retouchers and private individuals offering ironing services to other private individuals to have new sources of income. These devices are used for hours in a day and several times a week.

When comparing with other models on the market, we realize that these units have better strength and are durable. These steam generator irons often do not have many functionalities.

The classic steam generator iron

As its name suggests, this is a classic steam ironing machine that has all the necessary options to ensure a good ironing result. This type of steam plant must be considered according to the needs of the user. These models often have a thermostat that allows the temperature to be adjusted according to the fabric, a limescale device and a pressing effect.

A steam generator with unlimited autonomy

As explained earlier, manufacturers provide their customers with steam generators with unlimited autonomy. The removable or non-removable tank can be filled in the middle of the ironing process.

Even if these products are available on the market, it is always preferable to carry out a check, as there are also models with a limited economy.

The steam generator without regulation

It is a device often found in mid-range and high-end steam generators. In comparison with other models, this is a revolutionary device. Indeed, the iron is designed in such a way that it cannot heat up too much. Therefore, as soon as the heating temperature rises, the device automatically decreases the temperature.

With this type of steam generator, there is, therefore, no risk of burns for the user and there is also no need to sort your laundry before ironing.

It is a device which above all allows the user to benefit from considerable time savings and to perform ironing without being stressed. However, some users may not like this technology because the temperature is not hot enough to achieve efficient ironing in a short time.

Steam pressure and flow rate

How to evaluate the steam pressure and flow rate? This is a fundamental test criterion, because the higher the flow rate and pressure, the better the performance of the steam generator. The steam flow from the generator allows for faster ironing. Therefore, users consider it to be efficient when it offers a steam flow rate of at least 100 g/min continuously. Steam generators that offer a steam flow adjustment feature are among the best choices according to users who have performed tests.

Start-up time

Another criterion to consider: the time it takes for the steam plant to heat up. A steam plant can not be used at the time of its start-up, so it is necessary to wait a bit for the water to heat and steam to be produced. Consumers, therefore, favoured models that start in a short period, as they save time and energy during ironing.

The practicality of the steam generator

One of the main advantages of a steam generator iron is the ease of ironing. In total, steam generators weigh over 5 kg when iron and base are taken into account.

However, although they are more substantial, you just have to lift the iron which weighs only 1 to 1.5 kg when ironing. When comparing with other machines, the iron in the steam generator iron makes ironing effortless.

Tank capacity

One of the test criteria that should not be overlooked in comparison to find the best steam generator is the tank capacity of this plant. One of the main characteristics of this type of device is good autonomy. And the tank capacity determines it. According to the opinion of people who have tested the best steam generators on the market, a large tank ensures high autonomy, because the user does not need to fill it at all times.

There are also other test criteria that should not be forgotten such as: the integrated anti-limestone system, the quality of the iron soleplate, the ease of maintenance and the level of safety offered by the machine.

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