Tips And Tricks For A Successful Outdoor Sound System

  • Well, how to make the right choice?
  • One place or different audio zones?
  • To find out your sound options…
  • Wired or wireless? Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?
  • Plan, plan and plan
  • Quality or power?
  • Find a professional

How to organize the outdoor sound system for our layout? Spring is here! The days get longer; you prepare the barbecue and clean the yard.  Very soon you will be sitting, a refreshing drink in hand, contemplating your magnificent outdoor layout while you wait for your guests to arrive.

And there, the horror! You realize that you are missing one essential thing: a musical atmosphere worthy of the evening ahead!

Never be caught off guard again and be prepared for small cocooning parties as well as big parties with friends with the excellent sound system.

Well, how to make the right choice?

You will be able to see fairly quickly that there is a multitude of products on the market.  You will also see several possible types of installation.  Before you go in any direction, you need to determine what your needs are.

One place or different audio zones?

  • Do you want an outdoor listening area or several?
  • Or maybe just background music? 
  • What will be the area to be covered?
  • And what are the places in the field from which you would like to be able to manage sound or playlists? 
  • Is it your terrace or the pool area?  How can you avoid irritating your neighbours? 
  • Do you know how you will access your music?

So many questions and so many headaches if you’re not well prepared.  There is nothing more disappointing than to get a quality product that does not adequately meet our needs!

To find out your sound options…

You will find all kinds of speakers made for outdoor use: traditional polymer boxes (usually available in black or white), geo-realistic rock-shaped speakers, different planting pots with integrated speakers, etc.

Knowing what is available will make it easier to plan your installation.  For example, box-type speakers are regularly found in wooden patio layouts.

It’s also not uncommon to see “rock” type speakers in flower beds near an in-ground pool.  Don’t be afraid to go for special and daring products!

Keep in mind that for most of these products, you will have to provide the necessary wiring.  Refer to a professional to ensure proper work.

And don’t worry, you won’t have to re-landscaping everything. But in some cases, when you’re redoing your landscaping, it’s a great time to think about it, contact your specialist and maybe think even to run a few wires under the paving stone or concrete.

Wired or wireless? Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

If you’re considering a wireless product, make sure you choose the right one!  Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?  If you want to go to a product that works in Wi-Fi mode, then you’ll need to make sure you have a reasonably powerful and stable connection outdoors. Sometimes the router has to be changed to a more powerful one, to cover the whole area.

If you turn to Bluetooth instead, keep in mind that the signal range is quite limited and the stability of the connection is sometimes questionable.  It can get very frustrating, and that’s not the state of mind you’re looking for!

Plan, plan and plan

It is strongly recommended that you draw a rough plan of your layout.  A simple freehand sketch that is not ideal to scale will do very well for this kind of planning.

Your plan will help you figure out the type of speakers that will best fit your decor, the number required for proper sound and their location.  Besides, you will be better prepared to plan the necessary spinning.  It is essential to use the right type of wiring for outdoor installations.  There is speaker wire that is designed to withstand the elements and can be safely buried in the ground.

Quality or power?

More speakers is always better than more power!  If you are looking to sound more than one area (such as the patio and swimming pool), it will be better to add speakers to distribute the sound rather than play your music louder.  We also recommend that you provide independent volume control for each zone.  You can then adjust the volume a little louder near the pool while leaving the background music more discreet on the terrace.  You will appreciate this flexibility and so will your guests!

Keep in mind that you don’t have to do everything at once.  You can, with the help of your plan, plan the realization of the overall project in several stages. That way, you won’t let your budget impose limits on your listening experience!

Find a professional

Do not hesitate to call on a professional integrator to help you complete your project. The integrator plays the role of technological designer!  Its mandate is to optimize your audiovisual installations by respecting your living areas and harmonizing them with your decor.

Take the time necessary to find an ally who will understand your needs and expectations while respecting a reasonable and realistic budget.

Please note that it is imperative to establish a relationship of trust with your integrator because he will need privileged and confidential information to advise you and will work in your “privacy”.

You can refer to the CEDIA organization (Consumer Electronic Design and Installation Association) to locate certified integrators in your area.

In conclusion: Enjoy it!

So, now that the days are getting longer, your barbecue is ready, and your yard is on its thirty-sixth birthday, sit down with a drink in your hand and contemplate your outdoor decor while listening to your favorite music while you wait for your guests to arrive.

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