Tips for Buying Air Conditioning Devices

In this article, I will give information about air conditioners. I will also talk about what air conditioning is and its uses.

What is Air Conditioning?

It is the regulation of the air in a closed environment to keep the temperature, humidity, cleanliness and air movement of a secure environment at the most appropriate levels for human health and comfort or the industrial process.

Air conditioning and cooling systems cool the ambient air and bring working and living conditions to ideal levels. People deprived of comfortable living conditions due to excessive heat gain a more comfortable environment thanks to air conditioners. Air conditioning and cooling systems protect the objects in the environment from excess heat.

How Cooling Systems Work

Cooling systems work with the principle of evaporating the liquid refrigerant, which is at a certain pressure, at the desired temperature and converting it from the vapour state to the liquid form again. Air conditioners use gas as a cycle medium. The gas crushed and compressed with the help of the compressor, and as a result, it liquefies. The heat generated during the compression process. Fans throw this heat outside. The gas, which turns into the liquid with the pressure of the compressor, turns into a gas again by reducing the pressure of the compressor.

Meanwhile, it draws heat from the environment it is in. Thanks to this heat extraction process, the temperature of the atmosphere decreases. Thus, air conditioners blow air out. As this cycle repeats the process, the ambient temperature changes.


Air conditioning and refrigeration systems used ammonia and carbon dioxide as refrigerants in their early years. However, freon used today. Work continues on refrigerant gas. It is trying to produce the type of gas that will cause minor damage to the atmosphere. For this purpose, the production of air conditioners using r22 gas terminated. The output of this gas restricted. Existing stocks can using until 2020, after which users will prohibit. The reason for this is the damage this gas causes to the ozone layer. For this reason, people are now looking for climates that are less harmful to the environment. Studies on this subject are also carried out in the air conditioning sector in Turkey.

The thermal comfort of the working or living environment is paramount. It is known that its operating performance is at a much better level at ideal temperatures. Air conditioning and cooling systems try to provide the perfect working and living environment. Advanced cooling systems protect what needs to protecta t lower temperatures. Chemicals, consumables and other substances that need to stay at sub-zero degrees covered by the possibilities provided by the cooling systems.

Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

Selecting the appropriate air conditioner for the air-conditioned environment is very important. If a lower or higher capacity than the required capacity determined, it cannot provide sufficient cooling or heating. As a result, there will be more electricity consumption. In addition, the desired comfort won’t achieved. Moreover, paying a bloated bill will be the inevitable end.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Air Conditioner;

When choosing the air conditioner, the average number of people in the room, the facade of the environment, the lighting in the room, the room’s insulation, the number of windows, the devices that emit heat in the room should taken into account. In addition, the mezzanine, ground floor and attic of the room where the air conditioner is located are among the factors affecting the choice of an air conditioner.

When Choosing Air Conditioning;

First of all, be sure to ask the air conditioner seller that the refrigerant gas (Freon) of the air conditioner you will buy is R410 instead of R22. We need to do this to protect our nature. Be sure to get information about whether there is a service close to your home and about the warranty conditions. Ask the authorized person to choose the air conditioner under your room or office size and the situations I mentioned in the first question

What is BTU and What It Does

BTU (British thermal unit); is the amount of energy required to raise one pound of water from 63°F to 64°F. This definition is valid under the condition that temperature changes are measured at 1-atmosphere pressure. To put it simply: It is used in air conditioners as BTU/h, that is, to indicate the amount of heat your air conditioner carries from the environment in an hour. It would help if you calculated the BTU value of the room where the air conditioner will be installed. Or it would help if you asked your dealer to figure it.

Impact Coefficient and Energy Efficiency Ratio of Air Conditioning

The efficiency of a device indicated by COP and EER values. The higher the COP and EER values, the more efficient the appliance. The high of these values ​​also means that the air conditioner’s quality and technology is high. If the COP and EER are high, the device can heat or cool too much with very little electricity. In addition, all air conditioners perform the function of heating and cooling. However, while doing this, it consumes a certain amount of electrical energy. To understand how efficient an air conditioner is, it is necessary to look at the COP and EER values, which mean the coefficient of performance.

The EER value found by dividing the cooling capacity (Watt) by the electrical energy (Watt) consumed in cooling. The COP value found by dividing the heating capacity (Watt) by the electrical energy (Watt) consumed in heating.

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