Travertine Slab: A Stone With Multiple Charms

From a Mediterranean or rustic style to a modern air, our selection of travertine slab opens up a world of possibilities! When laid correctly, the travertine slabs are frost resistant and will withstand winters without a single wrinkle. Maintaining a travertine floor and its pores are very simple, remember to waterproof it to maintain its shine. We offer different formats: rectangular, square, or Roman opus, everyone will find what they are looking for!

  • Why choose travertine slabs for outdoors?
  • What colours are the travertine slabs?
  • The different shades of beige
  • Brown-caramel-nougat tones
  • Modern or rustic: what look for my terrace?
  • How to lay and maintain travertine slabs?
  • A 100% secure order

Why choose travertine slabs for outdoors?

When the sunny days come, there is nothing like a terrace to enjoy the sun’s rays. Have you always dreamed of building one, but still looking for the stone of your dreams? Discover the properties and qualities of the seven travertines we sell. With this type of natural stone, you have many choices!

All the travertine slabs we offer in our assortment are 3 cm thick and are frost-resistant natural stones if laid correctly. They get through the coldest winters while retaining their original beauty. So, no bad surprises when spring returns! Thanks to their porous structure, all travertines are non-slip, whether they have an aged or softened finish. They are ideally suited for a pool deck or terrace, even in rainy weather.

What colours are the travertine slabs?

Often, the colour of natural stone is one of the first criteria of choice in our research. Do we want dark-coloured travertine, light-coloured travertine? With a colour palette, or on the contrary, a uniform tone? BuyFromTurkey has a large selection of travertines in different colours. In our product range, you will find uniform and fine-pored travertines as well as highly porous travertines with a marked scheme of colours. Some are more specific, such as the travertines with wood or gold-coloured appearance. Whatever your preferences, you are sure to find the natural stone that suits your desires. For if our travertine slabs are numerous and diverse, they nevertheless lose their quality!

The different shades of beige

If you dream of beige travertine, this is fine: five of our outdoor tiles have beige shades. Rustic travertine reveals a variation of beige, ranging from creamy beige to dark beige. It is the most rustic version of our travertine slabs. In creamy beige to beige-brown tones, we have the Medium slab, whose shades go as far as hazelnut brown, as well as the Medium Select slab, which is a slightly lighter beige.

Natura travertine has a basic creamy beige colour but has a wood effect thanks to its marked brown veining that runs through the surface of the slab. This is since the slabs are cut along the pores. Medium Line travertine offers warm shades of light beige for a natural, luminous and harmonious look. Its softened finish gives the terrace a chic Provencal style.

Brown-caramel-nougat tones

Lovers of dark travertine will appreciate the beauty of the Noce slab, which colour is the main characteristic! Its shades of brown make this natural stone warm and original. Once the slabs have been laid, they blend perfectly in a rustic country-style setting. The aged finish of the tiles, as well as by their porous structure with a very harmonious final result accentuate this country air

Modern or rustic: what look for my terrace?

Like interior travertines, two types of finishes are available for the exterior version. Five of our travertine slabs have an aged finish, and the other two have a softened finish. The aged finish gives a rustic and natural look, and the slabs have rounded edges. Our Rustic, Medium, Medium Select, Gold and Wedding travertines blend a rural setting beautifully. The softened finish gives the floor a more modern look thanks to the sawn edges of the slabs. Natura and Medium Line travertines are two examples. To find out the available formats corresponding to the travertine slab you like, please check our other product pages.

How to lay and maintain travertine slabs?

Our travertine slabs have small dimensional tolerances and are therefore relatively simple to install. BuyFromTurkey strongly recommends that you waterproof your travertine slabs by applying a water-repellent product to their surface for special waterproofing. This will allow the stone to keep its brilliance for longer, protect it and therefore greatly facilitate its maintenance.

A 100% secure order

At BuyFromTurkey, the goods we prepare for our customers systematically pass a security check before being packed by us. Thus, we guarantee the quality and conformity of our natural stones and their perfect condition when they arrive at your home. We also guarantee you the highest level of security for online payments when placing an order. We can deliver the merchandise to your home and unload it on the sidewalk right in front of your house. If you have any questions about our natural stones, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or telephone, we will be happy to advise you!

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