Turkish Beer Industry

This article gives information about the Turkish Beer Industry. Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in Turkey, as in many European countries.

Beer made from malt (germinated barley) flour. The must obtained by the maceration of the malt flour in water is aromatized. It is a lightly alcoholic beverage containing 3-6% alcohol and containing B vitamins. Maceration is the transfer of extracts from malt to water. The main ingredients in beer are Water, Alcohol, and Carbon Dioxide. Its extra ingredients are sugar, amines and hops dissolved in the beer. Hops gives beer its acidic flavour.

History of the Turkish Beer Industry

In other words, the establishment of the modern brewery, the Turkish beer industry, is very recent. In Turkey, in 1890, the Bomonti Brothers in Switzerland established Turkey’s first brewery in the vicinity of Istanbul Feriköy. Bomonti Brothers produced only top fermentation beer until 1908. Subsequently, they started to make sub-fermentation beer in these years by establishing cooling facilities in their factories. Also, in these years, the Nektar Brewery began operating in Büyükdere. Thus, it started to compete with Bomonti, which has maintained its status as the unrivalled manufacturer of the country for many years. Both businesses affected by this competition. Therefore, they came together in 1912 and founded Nektar Bomonti United Breweries Company.

At the end of a year, this company, considering the storage and transportation difficulties, established Aydın Brewery to appeal to the Aegean region. Founded a year later in 1928, the Tekeli Tekeli administration allowed the company to operate the factories for 10 years. However, in 1940, the breweries belonging to this company purchased by the Tekel administration.

For many years, these two factories tried to meet Turkey’s beer consumption by renovating and increasing their capacities. However, in these years, a vital part of Turkey’s beer consumption consumed in big cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir and Adana. To other towns, beer shipped in minimal quantities,

In the 30 years since the transfer of the Turkish beer industry to the Monopoly Administration in Turkey, the total beer production has increased ten times. Despite this, Turkey remained in a position that produces the least beer and consumes the least beer per capita compared to European countries.

In 1969, three private enterprises, Tuborg, Erciyeş Biracılık and Ege Biracılık, started production. Later, Efes Pilsen Malt Factory started production by a private enterprise.


Current Situation of the Turkish Beer Industry

Two big companies dominate the Turkish beer sector: Anadolu Efes and Türk Tuborg Beer ve Malt Sanayii. These two companies, which hold 99% of the beer market, have six factories in Turkey. In addition, five other breweries are operating in the Turkish market and producing on a relatively small scale. Beer is made under 37 different brands in the Turkish beer sector, mainly by Efes and Tuborg. In 2010, total beer production in Turkey exceeded its 2009 level by 0.6% (59.246 hl), reaching approximately 10.278,536 hectoliters. Brewing companies are engaged in the production and sale of beer. They also engage in beer-related ancillary activities such as cultivating agricultural products used as beer raw materials, malt production and transportation. Some breweries also operate open spots alongside these activities.


In 2010, the export volume of beer increased by 9% compared to 2009. The largest export markets are Germany, Lebanon, Iraq and Azerbaijan. In the same period, the export amount increased by 16% and reached 51.6 million Euros.

Türkiye Bira Sektörünün Ülke Ekonomisine Katkıları ( Contribution of the Turkish Beer Industry to the National Economy)

Although domestic beer is preferred in many countries, European beers highly appreciated in the world. This is also true for Turkish beers. For example, although Poland is one of the significant brewing countries in Europe, it exports less beer than Turkey.   Contribution of the Turkish Beer Industry to the Country’s Economy 6 The share of beer exports in total production in Turkey is lower than the EU average. On the other hand, when compared to countries with similar purchasing standards, Turkey exports more beer from these countries (e.g. Lithuania and Latvia).

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