Washing Clothes Hacks and Tips

We should all pay attention to some tricks while washing clothes that we carefully bought clothes. Washing machines have made washing clothes easier, but if we do not know how to use the machine settings, we can damage our clothes and the machine. If these are not taken care of, we may cause our clothes to wear out in a short time, to fade or shrink. For this reason, we need to consider many features such as washing our laundry by classifying them according to their color and type, from the detergent features we will use to the program selection of the washing machine.

Change Your Washing Clothes Routine

 width=Now that there’s no end to the washing clothes business, the best thing to do is simplify your work by making minor changes to your laundry routine.

First, you can start by reducing the number of laundries to be washed. Do not immediately throw away the clothes you have tried on once, worn only indoors, or worn only once outside. Most clothes don’t get dirty enough to be washed in single wear. If your clothes did not have a severe stain or if you did not sweat excessively, you can give your clothes one more chance.

One of the most time-consuming processes when washing laundry is to empty the dirty basket each time and separate whites from darks, wools from delicate fabrics. You can speed up sorting the laundry by using different baskets for whites and colors or clothes with other materials.

Separating Dirty Clothes

 width=It will be convenient to have a good laundry room to handle laundry, drying, and ironing easily and quickly. But not everyone has to have a laundry room. It is enough to have practical knowledge in cleaning to make housework easier.

You can use mesh wash bags for underwear and socks that are constantly lost among large laundry. A little black sock mixed in with white laundry can ruin an entire wash, or you can spend weeks looking for a sock that goes inside the duvet cover set. Therefore, you should wash such small items by placing them in a net. So you can prevent them from getting lost and damaged.

Tips to Make Washing Clothes Easier

First of all, you have to throw your white and colored clothes into the machine separately. The detergent you will use should also be separate for whites and separate for colors. This will make your whites a brighter white and will not cause your colors to fade. You can even divide the colors into two parts. Among them, black, dark tones and clothes that are likely to give color are separate; You can wash your light-colored garments, which are less likely to discolor, separately.

Detergent Usage

 width=“The more detergent I throw in, the cleaner it gets.” logic is wrong. Newly released detergents are generally concentrated. For this reason, a measure of detergent will be strong enough to offer you more than the cleaning you want. Using too much detergent makes it challenging to rinse the laundry. Our clothes that stay foamy also wear out faster. For this, try to use the size of the detergent as much as it is.

Excessively used fabric softeners can cause the colors of the clothes to fade quickly. This is harmful in terms of shortening the life of the clothes. Many people use more fabric softener than usual in order to make this smell more permanent in their clothes, as they like the smell of the softener left on their clothes.

Washing Machine Use

New washing machine models can take up to 10 kg of dirt. But keep in mind that this weight based on the weight of the clothes. A 150 gr clothing can weigh up to 400 gr when wet. For this reason, do not fill the machine to the brim to extend the life of your machine and ensure that your clothes washed more cleanly. Thus, you allow the clothes to move inside the machine and dissolve their dirt. In the selection of degrees, you should consider the instructions on the label of the clothing.


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