What should you look for when buying a kettle?

  • What is a kettle?
  • How does kettle work?
  • Advantages and fields of application
  • What types of kettle are there?
    • The traditional kettle
    • The electric kettle
    • The induction kettle
    • Other types of kettles
  • Power and heating speed
  • Energy efficiency
  • Capacity
  • The functionalities

What is a kettle?

A kettle is a household accessory used to bring the liquid to a boil, often water. There are several types, but only two main ones: the traditional metal and the electric. The first is heated externally, and the second uses an internal system. A kettle has a filter, a container for the liquid and a lid. It can take on a wide variety of shapes (curved, cylindrical) and materials (glass, plastic, stainless steel, etc.). In any case, its operation is straightforward. As for its lifespan, it can be extremely long provided it is maintained.

How does kettle work?

Its operation is straightforward. You first pour a liquid, usually water, into the utensil. Then, using an internal or external electrical system, it heats the liquid until it boils. All you have to do then is pour it into containers to enjoy your tea or other hot drinks.

While this operation always remains more or less the same, the performance of each model can vary greatly. The storage capacity, the heating time are all characteristics that can influence each step of the manoeuvre.

Advantages and fields of application

What are the advantages and fields of application? The advantage of kettles, especially the most modern models, is that they heat a liquid very quickly. An electric model, for example, takes just over two minutes to bring a litre of water to the boil.

The other good thing about kettles is that they often offer more excellent safety in use. Thanks to their handle and insulating materials, there is no risk of burning yourself.

As for the fields of application of kettles, they are multiple. Indeed, there are as many reasons to heat water on a daily basis. The primary use is culinary, for water for tea, infusions, soups and other preparations. But there can also be a domestic use, for some household accessories.

What types of kettle are there?

There are several types of kettle, each with particular characteristics and advantages.

The traditional kettle: All traditional models look quite similar, regardless of the brand. Equipped with a spout to facilitate the pouring of water, they are often in the form of a metal container, and sometimes have an electric whistle to warn the user when the water reaches 100 ° C . To heat, they must be placed on a cooking fire because they do not have an internal heating system.

The electric kettle: This is often made of plastic and has an internal heating system that is ultra-fast compared to traditional models. A few tens of seconds are enough, indeed, to bring several decilitres to the boil. As a bonus, some of the best appliances are equipped with an automatic shut-off when the desired heat is reached.

The induction kettle: This type of kettle has the particularity of heating not on a cooking fire, but on induction plates. As a result, boiling is faster than with a traditional kettle and more economical than with an electric kettle.

Other types of kettles: Finally, we can mention different kinds of models, such as stainless steel kettles, wireless, filtering kettles.

Power and heating speed

These two elements of operation are intimately linked. Indeed, an appliance that deploys a lot of watts will inevitably allow a faster boiling (for electric kettles in any case). The average number of watts is 1,500.

Energy efficiency

In order not to spend energy unnecessarily, it is also interesting to compare and rate the balance of power deployed/efficiency. In this case, the induction models are the clear winners in the energy comparison.


How to have a functional capacity? Depending on the use you make of it, your kettle must have a functional water capacity. Of course, the opinion of each user will be different depending on whether it is a standard, travel or large family model.

Specifically, the durability and material of the product, the comfort of the handle, its insulation as well as its ease of handling are to be taken into account.

The functionalities

How to evaluate functionality? The last element of comparison for a complete test of the product is the analysis, the inspection of its functionality. Among the most interesting are the water level indicator, the control panel and the boil alarm.

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