Wine Grapes Grown in Turkey

The lands of Turkey are very fertile. Wine grapes are also grown in these lands. Each grape has some characteristics that determine the characteristics of the wine, like body, taste, and texture. Of course, for red wine grapes, these features include color and tannin. In this case, the wine made by each grape will be different.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon grape originating from France is generally grown in Çeşme and Urla in Turkey. They are black, small, and thick-skinned grapes. In addition, thick skins make the wine produced rich in tannins. Young cabernet wines have notes of currant, spice, and chocolate. On the other hand, those aged in oak barrels have more aromas of incense, vanilla, and coffee.


Although its origin is France, it grows in the Aegean region of Turkey. Merlot wines often have fruity notes such as plum, cherry, and currant. Its grapes are thinner-skinned than Cabernet Sauvignon grapes. Therefore, it makes less tannic wines. Merlot wines are low in acidity and high in alcohol compared to Cabernet wines. With Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot blending, a balance created with tannins, sharpness, and fruit flavors.


Syrah/ Shiraz

The origin of the Shiraz grape is Iran. It is a black and thin-skinned grape. Young wines have a dark color, high tannin content, and spice notes. As it ages, it reveals different flavors, such as raspberry and plum. Shiraz wines preferred as monoseparation as well as various blends.

Bogazkere as a Wine Grapes

Boğazkere, originating from Diyarbakır, is Turkey’s most tannic grape. It is not suitable for eating because of its bitter taste. Bogazkere is small-grained, thick-skinned, and rather dark in color. It makes high tannin, bodied wines and is suitable for aging. Boğazkere wine has red fruit and spice aromas.


It grows in Malatya and Elazig. Öküzgözü wine; Contrary to Boğazkere wine, it is a medium bodied, high acid wine with low tannin content. Grape is fleshy, coarse-grained, and thin-skinned. It also has the aromas of red fruit, black mulberry, and molasses. In addition to blending with Boğazkere, it is also a very balanced wine as a mono segment.

Kalecik Karası as a Wine Grapes

It is a grape variety unique to the Kalecik district of Ankara. Some producers started to produce again when winemaking in Turkey was on the verge of disappearing due to the lack of development. Thus, the Turkish wine industry was also revived. It is now grown outside of the Kalecik district. It makes light, medium-bodied, low tannin, and low acid wines. Kalecik Karası wine has strawberry, raspberry, and cherry flavors and is also suitable for aging.

Karasakiz (Kuntra)

It grows in Çanakkale and Bozcaada. Karasakız wine has high acidity and tannin. This grape is also suitable for brandy production. But it is not ideal for aging. It has a lighter red color than the others.



It grows in Tekirdag and Edirne. Wines produced from these grapes generally have red fruit and spice notes. They are light-bodied wines and have a light red color.

Gamay as a Wine Grapes

The grape, a grape variety originating from France, makes light/medium fullness, high acidity, and low tannin levels. Gamay wine is not very suitable for aging. It is consumed when young and has refreshing fruity notes.


 width=It is a white wine grape variety native to France. It is an easy-to-grow variety widely produced worldwide, in the USA, Napa Valley, and our country. Chardonnay is rich in dry matter and acid. It is a variety that has quality wine. It is suitable for making sparkling wines as well as dry wines. Their wines; are full-bodied, pleasantly flavored, highly alcoholic wines. It also acquires a butter-like flavor when matured in oak barrels.

Semillon as a Wine Grapes

It is a variety grown in France’s Southernes and Graves regions, the Hunter Valley regions of Australia, and many countries. It gives high alcohol, dry matter, and structured wine but is poor in acid and aroma. Its most significant defect is that it oxidizes very quickly when it is a must. The best part is that it is a breed resistant to vineyard diseases. Since it is a thin-skinned grape, it can rot quickly in the vineyard.

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