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A Brief History of Cologne

When cologne was first produced, it was used for medicinal purposes. Later, as the anger against the aristocracy deepened, it replaced the heavy perfumes that

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Textile Industry

All About Canvas Fabric

What is Canvas Fabric? How is Canvas Fabric? Does Canvas Fabric Make You Sweat? Canvas Fabric’s Features Canvas Fabric’s Usage Areas Is Canvas Fabric Flexible?

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Textile Industry

Everything About Viscose Fabric

What is Viscose Fabric? How is Viscose Fabric? Does Viscose Fabric Make You Sweat? Viscose Fabric’s Properties Viscose Fabric’s Usage Areas Is Viscose Fabric Flexible?

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Textile Industry

All About Atlas Fabric

1- What is Atlas Fabric? 2- How is Atlas Fabric? 3- Does Atlas Fabric Make You Sweat? 4- Atlas Fabric’s Properties 5- Atlas Fabric’s Usage

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Side Effects of Cosmetic Products

Indispensable for daily life Products with additives Undesirable side effects Cosmetic intolerance Shampoo can cause eczema “Patch test” against eczema Don’t let the perfume stain

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Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is an activity that has importance on an individual and country basis. Therefore, in this article, we will talk about the benefits of recycling.

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