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Construction Products

PVC Windows Advantages

One of the most important materials of door and window systems lately is PVC. It bears the initials of the name Poly-Vinyl-Chloride. It blended with

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Textile Industry

All About Denim Fabric

What is Denim Fabric? How is Denim Fabric and does it make you sweat? Denim Fabric Properties Denim Fabric Usage Areas Is Denim Fabric flexible?

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Agriculture&Food Industry

Wine Grapes Grown in Turkey

The lands of Turkey are very fertile. Wine grapes are also grown in these lands. Each grape has some characteristics that determine the characteristics of

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Household & Furnishing

Sofa Set Selection

One of the most decisive elements in home decoration is the choice of a sofa set. We know that after selecting modern sofa sets for

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Textile Industry

All About Leather

What is leather? General Properties of Real Leather Benefits of Real Leather Types of Leather How to Spot Real Leather Leather is an important material

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Textile Industry

History of Silk

Discovery of Silk How is silk produced? How does silkworm produce silk? What is Silk Road? Chinese Silk in History The First Industrial Espionage in

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Automotive Industry

Compulsory Traffic Insurance

What is compulsory traffic insurance? When should compulsory traffic insurance be made? What are the coverages of Compulsory Traffic Insurance? What are the penalties for

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