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Maintenance and Cleaning of Natural Stones

Maintenance and cleaning of natural stones are essential. It should be done at regular intervals. The degrees of hardness of the rocks are different from each other. Other than tough ones like a diamond, many of them are also brittle and crumbly. Layered and clustered stones can separate and crumble. Rocks such as selenite, on the other hand, can melt when in contact with water. Polished surfaces, natural prism tips can be easily scratched and damaged. For this reason, great care should be taken while maintaining and cleaning natural stones and should be carefully stored when not in use.

Care of Natural Stones

Round or tumbled stones are more durable. They do not have ends to break. During the tumbling process, they rotate between fine sands for hours and become more durable in structure. The ones that are round by themselves are durable in terms of their durability. Your round stones can stored in a bag, but you should keep your pointed stones separately. When you do not use your natural stones, wrapping them in silk or velvet covers will protect your stones from scratches.

Cleaning of Natural Stones

When you buy your stones, you should clean them before using them and at regular intervals while using them. You should not let others touch your stones, or if you bought jewelry from someone else, you should clean it before using it. Natural stones, especially crystals, may have negative energies of the person who used them before, and these negative energies may pass on to you. There are multiple methods of natural stone cleaning.


Four elements used in cleaning natural stones. Water, Earth, Fire, and Air. The most used method at this stage is water. Of course, if the hardness level of the stone is appropriate.

For cleaning with water and soil, the hardness of the stone should be between 7-10. For example, a hardness of 10 is just a diamond. Quartz group stones are 7. For this reason, you can easily clean it with water or soil. However, those with a hardness level of less than seven may melt or disintegrate when they contact water. For this reason, it would be better to choose other methods for these stones.

Cleaning Natural Stones with Water

You can neutralize the energy of your stone by keeping it in running water or a certain amount of water. Cleaning with running water is suitable for rocks that are not easily broken down. You can wash it under running water for 2-3 minutes and place it in sunlight to dry. Or you can put your crystal in a glass of clean water and leave it overnight.

Cleaning with Sea Water or Salt Water

You can also clean your stones by soaking them in seawater or saltwater. For example, it is a great option to cleanse a stone that has already come from the sea, such as Coral, with saltwater. You can also apply this method to other rocks with suitable hardness. You can be sure that all the negativities in your stone are flowing away. The energy of your stone will renew.

After cleaning the stone, leaving it in the sun or moonlight for a few hours will help the stone recharge and recharge itself.

Cleaning of Soil and Natural Stones

You can purify your stone from negative energies by burying it in the ground for at least one day (24 hours). The soil in the open area is more effective, but if you do not have the opportunity to bury it in the ground at the bottom of the pot.

After removing your stone from the soil, you can clean the ground by washing it with water and start using it. If you wish, you can also keep it in the sunlight after this process.

Cleaning with Incense

 width=In the method of cleaning with incense, you use the air element. You can heat your natural stone with the smoke of the incense you will burn. When the incense you burn finished, your stone will also cleansed. This method especially preferred for brittle stones with low hardness.

Incense will also balance the energy of your environment. However, it should use with caution against possible adverse effects. For example, incense smoke can be harmful to some asthma patients.

Cleaning by Candlelight

You can clean your stones with low hardness by using candlelight. With this method, you benefit from the fire element. By placing your stones surrounded by candlelight, you can ensure that they are purified, and their energies reset.

Uncleared Stones

Some stones never require cleaning. Citrine, Kyanite, Azeztulite are self-cleaning stones. Transparent quartz and Carnelian can clean other stones. This method can tried especially for fragile and delicate stones. However, after use for this purpose, they must be cleaned by other methods.

Cleaning Times

There is no precise time for the maintenance of natural stones. You can clean it once a month or every three months, depending on your usage. When you think that its energy is exhausted or dirty, you can clean it.


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