Category: Building Technologies

Mar 24
Travertine Slab: A Stone With Multiple Charms

From a Mediterranean or rustic style to a modern air, our selection of travertine slab…

Mar 23
Enter Your Smart Home

Unsurpassed comfort Increased security A great atmosphere The smart home is becoming…

Mar 23
Energy Saving: Discover New Generation Insulating Materials!

Insulation is essential to avoid heat loss and therefore, to have optimal heating…

Mar 23
Individual Solar Water Heater

A solar water heater on your roof captures the sun’s energy and heats the…

Mar 17
The Window In 9 Questions

You are planning to change one or more windows in your home. You will thus…

Mar 14
All You Need To Know About Armoured Doors

What defines armoured doors? Advantages and disadvantages of armoured doors Insulation…

Jul 31
Insulation Of a Pitched Roof

On the attic floor or against the roof? The under-roof Air screen The vapor barrier…

Jul 04
Can Your House Become A Connected House?

The connected house has many possibilities but some limitations Ensuring better…

Jul 04
Is Natural Stone Frost Resistant?

Can natural stone survive a freezing winter? In this article, we are going to explain…

Jun 25
8 Essentials For Successful Landscaping

We have gathered and explained eight essentials for successful landscaping. 1) What is…

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