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Right Pillow Choosing for Healthy Sleep

Choosing a pillow suitable for the natural position of your spine is the key to a comfortable sleep. Just as all your tiredness vanishes when you bring your body together with your soft mattress after a stressful and busy day, choosing the right pillow will open the doors to the sleep that adorns your dreams all day long. If you want to sleep peacefully at night and start the day fit, you need to be extremely careful in choosing your pillow. Although it is often thought that it is not essential, this choice, which will affect the quality of life, brings various sleep problems and body disorders if not made correctly.

If you can’t sleep well at night and attribute the stress of this to being very tired during the day, you may be wrong. The pillow that you think is very comfortable from the outside and you decide to buy right away, let alone meeting your expectations, may disappoint you as the cause of many pains in your body. Although many people are not aware of it, choosing the right pillow is among the most critical points that determine whether your sleep will be productive or not. In this sense, if you have decided to buy a new pillow, you need to know some essential points and choose the right pillow accordingly.

The Importance of Sleep Position in Choosing the Right Pillow

 width=There is a sleeping position that you think sleeps better at night and helps you start the day more energetic. Some people only like to sleep on their side, while others can only sleep on their faces at night. Regardless of your sleeping position, it is possible to say that this is one of the crucial criteria determining the right pillow for you. Because the right pillow for you may vary depending on the shape your body takes while you sleep. For example, for those who prefer to sleep on their back, choosing pillows that will not disturb the neck and head area and preserve the spine’s natural shape significantly affects their quality of life.

Or for people who sleep sideways, the most important point to consider when choosing the right pillow is whether the effectiveness of the pillow’s neck contacting the pillow supports their neck. On the other hand, prone sleepers may prefer thin-formed pillows to help them breathe more easily at night.

The Softness of Your Bed

Another point to consider when choosing the right pillow is whether your mattress is soft or not. If your mattress is soft, it means that your body will buried more in the bed when you lie down. And yet, choosing a thin pillow to maintain the ideal shape of your body will make you more comfortable. If your mattress is hard, your head will stay higher than your body, as your body will not sink into the bed. Therefore, the pillow you choose should also be high. Of course, this can also affected by the width of your shoulder and your sleeping position.

Identify Your Needs

Of course, when choosing the right pillow, it is of great importance that you review your needs and decide accordingly. For example, suppose you frequently sweat at night. In that case, the filling material used in your pillow is essential.

 width=Heat Balancing Pillows: People who have sleep problems because they sweat at night should choose heat-balancing pillows. While the air channels in these pillows balance the temperature, they prevent moisture formation and avoid sweating.

Visco: There are many types of Visco pillows produced in the market under different needs and budgets. It significantly improve their quality of life. Visco pillows, which adapt to the anatomical structure of the spine, prevent neck and headaches thanks to the soft filling that takes the shape of the head and can also change the form it takes under the sleeping position. Some of the Visco pillows designed to reduce snoring and make breathing more effective.

Feather Pillows: With feathers as filling material, they designed for a more comfortable sleep with their body temperature balancing structure. Thanks to their breathable fabrics, they prevent sweating and maintain their light and soft form for a long time.

Wool Pillows: It is possible to say that the pillows, of which wool filling preferred, are one of the longest-lasting compared to other pillow types. In addition to maintaining its form for a long time due to its material, the level of heat-trapping is as high as possible. In this sense, they can prevent sweating.

Fiber Pillows: Fiber-filled pillows support the fabric’s insulating property with their air-permeable structure so that they can be preferred in summer and winter.

Cotton Pillows: With their soft form and durable structure, cotton pillows are extremely comfortable and help you restful sleep at night.


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